August 2015 Deacon Nominations

The deacons of Carmel Baptist Church provide us with spiritual and service leadership.
We are seeking nominations of men who …

  • meet the Biblical qualifications outlined in Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3
  • meet the Carmel Baptist Church qualifications as outlined in items 1 through 11.

Biblical Guidance for Deacon Selection 
  • Acts 6:3-8 instructs us to choose a man, “Full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom … a man full of faith.”
  • 1 Timothy 3:8-13 discusses characteristics and qualities:
    • worthy of respect, honest, sincere, temperate (v. 8); great conviction (v.9), husband of one wife, manages his children and house well (v. 12)

Qualifications of a Deacon

1. A deacon must surrender to the leadership and power of the Holy Spirit and accept the Bible as the  authority for personal conduct and church policy.

2. A deacon must meet the qualifications as set forth in 1 Timothy, Chapter 3.

3. A deacon must understand his position to be one of “ministering servant.”

4. A deacon must feel that the Baptist beliefs are the best expression of his Christian faith.

5. A deacon, after expressing his personal views and finding himself in the minority, must be willing to cooperate with the decision of the majority.

6. A deacon must be blameless, above reproach, and exemplary in all of his conduct, realizing he is responsible for his weaker brother in all of his actions.

7. A deacon must tithe at least one-tenth of his total income to the support of the Lord’s work through Carmel Baptist Church.

8. A deacon will be expected to support the total program of Carmel Baptist Church with prayers and attendance.

9. A deacon must agree to keep confidential the deliberations of the deacons’ meeting for the best interest of the church.

10. A deacon must have been a member of Carmel Baptist Church for at least one year.

11. A deacon must abstain from the sale and use of intoxicating drinks as a beverage and illegal drugs.

The deadline for all nominations is March 1, 2015

Click HERE to make your nominations.

The following are now serving or have served as active deacons in the past year and 
SHOULD NOT be placed in nomination:

Scott Anderson 
Dave Bachmann
Brian Baum
Justin Brown
Dennie Crowder
John Daniel 
Lawrence Denney
Steven Dockery
Victor Ferrari
Don Hoover
Kevin Hurst  
Rick Johnston
John Koelz   
Don Lane
Bob Lawson
John Lewis
Kirk Lovan
John Marus

Bob Mays
Andrew McCartney
Phil McBride
Roger McDonald
David Meech
Mike Mullowney
Jeff Pacetti
John Pierucki
Jared Poplin
Larry Pratt
Fon Ratliff
Jonathan Schlottman
Brian Staff
Phil Underwood  
Brad Van Hoy
Doug Vandergriff
Maury Wishnoff
J.P. Zalaquett