Welcome to Enhanced Learning!

Each student is provided with a Google Apps for Education account.  These accounts provide students with access to great free productivity and collaboration tools.  Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Drawing enable students to create new content individually, and with student across the school.  Students can use these tools to find new ways to show their knowledge and help others learn.  The accounts also provide access to Youtube, where students can curate their own educational video playlists.  Gmail allows students to easily communicate with their teachers, and other students, to quickly get assistance when struggling.  Filters in place protect the students from anyone outside the school contacting students, and disrupting the learning process.

The Carlton Digital Initiative is a student centered initiative.  The goal is to create enhanced learning experiences that enable all students to engage.  Students in grades 3 - 12 are provided with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Education tablet running the Android operating system.  These devices provide opportunities for students to access exciting learning opportunities through websites, apps, and creation of digital content.  These devices are limited to educational content, as students cannot choose their own apps.  Helping to ensure the devices are used in an educational way.

Carlton has introduced a new Learning Management System, Schoology.  This system allows teacher to create a virtual classroom, where all their materials are accessible in one place.  Assignments, tests, quizzes, videos, and readings can all be delivered to the students digitally.  Students no longer run the risk of losing papers, or missing a handout.  All of it is readily accessible anywhere they have an internet connection.  Online quizzes provide students with instant feedback, allowing them to ask for help before the big test.