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May Newsletter 2013

posted May 29, 2013, 4:20 PM by Simon Lewis
June is always the busiest time in the school year. There's all the school tours, sports days and all the different tests and reports being compiled. On top of all that, we're launching our official Healthy Eating Policy to the school community. This policy (although short) has taken 2 years to compile. Parents, staff, pupils and the Board of Management were surveyed, questioned and interviewed and many discussions around the policy took place. We are so happy with our great plan that we're going to have a big launch to celebrate! Next week, parents will be invited to share in our celebration with various events going on in the school. There's even talk of me fulfilling my personal dream of opening a smoothie bar (if only for a morning!) Anyway, you'll be kept up to date with June's events. This week the class allocations were named for this coming September and we had a wonderful Open Night where families met their new teachers. We had nearly 100 people at the Open Night and it was a great evening! There's plenty more news in this month's newsletter so until next month (our final month of the year), keep happy, safe and learning, Simon. 

News & Reminders
  • Bank Holiday this Monday, 3rd June - school will be closed
  • The Educate Together AGM took place on 25th May, 2013 in Swords, Co. Dublin. Our two motions were passed by the AGM.
  • Please ensure that a written note or online absence note is filled in for any days away from school for any reason. When a child misses 20 days of school for any reason, there must be written evidence of a reason for the absences. We are obliged by law to report all absences to the NEWB. The school writes notes to families when they have reached 15 days of absence to remind them.
  • In preparation of our Healthy Eating Policy being published, please make sure to read over the Healthy Eating Guidelines in your child's homework journal.
  • Parents are welcome every Friday morning to the staff/parents' room for a coffee. It's a great time to meet with other parents and families so please do come along.
Sunflower Seeds for Carlow Hospice: The County Carlow Hospice has asked us to sell sunflower seeds for 50c each. Please send in 50c if you can to support the hospice. Any child taking part will be given the opportunity to present their sunflower by 20th September and the tallest one will win a prize.

New school: Some of you may have been passing by the new school building lately. The walls are already going up! Things are on track for opening before the end of 2013 so we're delighted with this. If anyone has any ideas for the new school building, please talk to Simon. We have already had some interest in landscaping and the percent for art project so any other ideas would be welcome.

Healthy Eating Launch: The Healthy Eating Policy was ratified and we're going to have a launch. We'd love to have as many parents to come to the school for breakfast. Simon will be serving up some smoothies and recipes. The children will be building their own sandwiches and trying out some new fruits and vegetables. We're also going to be asking parents to join in on our Facebook page collecting recipes, etc.

Active Week: Active Week was a phenomenal success thanks to lots of hard work from our staff, parents and pupils. There are loads of photos and reports on our school web site so please check them out. One of the highlights of the week was a football match between ourselves and Portlaoise ETNS. 

Sports Day:Sports Day will be held on 14th June, weather permitting. This has been a fantastic event every year and is always well supported by parents. This year we need at least 12 parents to come along to help us out on the day with the various stations. We've been allocated a small grant from MSD so you'll be seeing some new events on the day. We generally keep Sports Day very structured but as we'll be away from the school, sometimes children can be a little more difficult to keep in the one place. If you are working with a group and there are any behavioural difficulties, please ensure to call a staff member over to help. Please be aware that some parents may take offence at another parent disciplining their children.

RSE: Relationships and Sexual Education lessons are now taking place in school in some classes. Emer Byrden gave an excellent talk to parents at the Open Night. If you missed it, don't worry - there will be another talk in September. If you have any questions about RSE, please talk to Simon or Emer. RSE is taught from Junior Infants to 6th class.

Storysacks: Congratulations to all the families who successfully took part in the Storysacks project. Thanks to our Home School Teacher, Marie, for organising the sessions. Thanks also to Marie Clare for entertaining the children with a great Wibbly Wobbly performance of Red Riding Hood.
Fundraising: Thanks to the families who filled out the fundraising survey. The outcome was very positive from the school's point of view as we got lots of ideas. One plan will be to outline the fundraising that will take place at the start of the year so parents can plan accordingly. We're hoping to have 2-3 major events next year including a family fun day. 

HSE Drop in Service: HSE primary care team run a psychological drop in service for parents. Shamrock Plaza Wednesday mornings 9.30-12.30 (only first four who turn up are seen so they need to be there early).

Carlow Arts Festival: The Carlow Arts Festival is coming soon. You'll find information attached to the paper newsletter this month. Some of our families are involved in the organisation of the festival so please do your best to support them.

Tennis: A huge thank you to all the families that made the effort to go to the tennis club on Saturday, May 25th. The tennis club are highly grateful and they are negotiating a special membership rate for Carlow ETNS families. 

Book Fair: The Book Fair raised €493 for the school to purchase books. We are getting 3 sets of class novels for the upcoming school year.

News from Around the Classrooms

Junior Infants were making shapes with their bodies this month with Erin!

Adrian's class were learning all about the Stone Age and they made some cool cave drawings.

Second class are doing some fantastic writing work. This month they are looking at expositions. They have written some mighty convincing work!

3rd and 4th class were busy during Active Week. You can read their full report on the school web site.

There's plenty more news on the school blog at