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March 2015 Newsletter

posted Mar 25, 2015, 4:36 AM by Simon Lewis

Carlow Educate Together Newsletter

March 2015

Spring, St. Patrick and Sonas

It’s hard to believe we’re already coming towards the end of our second term and getting ready for our spring break. It’s been a wonderful March with loads of activities throughout the month. We had a great Seachtain na Gaeilge with everything Irish from céilís to green jersey days. We’ve loads of news on our blog so please check it out. We also had our annual open day towards the end of the month and it was lovely to see so many families come along to have a look. Another great day was our multicultural day for parents who came and shared food from their various countries. It was lovely to see so many different types of foods and for our parents to meet up. Just a reminder that we’ll be finishing up on Friday for a half day. Please be wary that traffic will be heavier on the day so please be extra patient! We’re looking forward to welcoming you back for the final term on Monday 13th April. Until, next time, keep happy, safe and learning!


Latest News

Tesco supporting CETNS

Every six weeks Tesco donates up to €1000 to help three good local causes and you're the one who decides where the money goes.  Carlow Educate Together ASD unit has been nominated as one of the causes and we would like your help to get as many tokens as we can. Each time you shop you'll receive a blue goodwill token which you can use to vote for us. At the end of the six weeks money from the Tesco Community Fund will be shared out according to the number of blue tokens each cause receives. Thanks for your support.

Good Luck, Angela

Angela will be finishing up at the end of this month to start her maternity leave. We wish her the very best of luck. Susanne will be covering Angela’s class for the remainder of the year. Susanne is well known to Angela’s class as she has spent lots of time with them this year.

Maths Eyes

The Maths Eyes project will soon be ready for Carlow Town. Students from the VEC and Carlow ETNS joined together to make a Maths Eyes treasure trail around Carlow Town. We are delighted to have 10 shops around town to display our posters with maths puzzles and you’ll be able to pick up maps and clues from Carlow Library and some of the participating shops.

Classes for Next Year - Survey

We are currently still enrolling children for our new Junior Infant classes next year. However, it is likely that we will have to have a Junior Infant / Senior Infant mix based on current numbers. The school will be sending a survey out to current Junior Infant parents to check their preferences for 2015/16 and a decision will be made democratically.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

The school celebrated Seachtain na Gaeilge with a full week of fun. Check out our school blog and Facebook for photos and reports.

Poetry and Short Story Reading

Simon sends his thanks to all the parents for their kind wishes on his recent success at the Hennessy Awards. His writing group will be reading in the VISUAL Arts Centre on Wednesday, 25th March at 7:30pm as part of Visual’s spring programme.


If you have not filled out the POD form as yet, please do so as soon as possible. If you have any moral objections or questions about POD, please talk to Simon who can explain the procedures for parents. The DES have extended the deadline to the end of April.

Free Pilates for Parents

Free Pilates classes for parents continue on Wednesday mornings from 9:15am. All are welcome.

School Library

Volunteer parents are now helping out in the school library. On Fridays classes from 1st - 6th can borrow books to bring home for the week. Junior and Senior infants will be borrowing books on Wednesdays from 4th March.  Can parents help us by reminding children to put their library books in their school bags on the evening before their library visit. If you would be interested in helping in the school library on Wednesday and Friday mornings then you can contact Rhonda at


The Board of Management have approved, in principle, the opening of a Montessori school by Eleanor Peters from September 2015. It is envisaged that the school will be open to pre-schoolers from 9:30am to 12:30pm. The normal after school club would then apply from 1:30pm. More information about this will be sent as soon as we have it.

Multicultural Day

We had a super multicultural day in the school this month. It was great to meet so many parents who brought in foods from their countries. We also found out that we have 35 different nationalities in the school who use 6 different alphabets!

Hedge School

The Hedge School Art Project is due for completion by the end of the month and each class will be getting their own planting area. We’re looking forward to showing it off as soon as it’s completed and it’s sure to be a big hit with the children!

School Garden

We are delighted to be working with Anne Flynn from GIY Carlow to create a school garden at the front of the school. We have some fantastic parents and students on the committee, who have been a great help in getting going. The committee are looking for more interested adults to come along to help with planting, sowing and building beds so please make sure to come along if you can.

School Band

Trish and Sive are starting a school band! If your child is interested in being in the band and can play an instrument, please get in touch.

Visit from a Champion Uileann Pipe Player

Tricia went to all classes teaching the children about the 3 traditional Irish instruments - the bodhran, the clairseach and the uileann pipes. Then an All-Ireland uileann pipe champion, Colm Broderick, came to perform for us. The children were fascinated by the instrument and loved listening to the music. Thanks Colm!

Solar Eclipse

A big thanks to Matt Givens for the equipment to see the Solar Eclipse. Even though we only got to see the last 5 minutes, there was great excitement.

Retirement – Paddy’s Bus

We’d like to wish Paddy well on his retirement from the school bus. Pat is taking over Paddy’s bus so he will be the new face you’ll be seeing in the mornings.

 Funky Kids

Big congratulations to all the children who took part in the Funky Kids’ performance this month. All the videos of the night are on our school YouTube channel. We’re delighted that Funky Kids will be returning to the school next year for another show.

Parents’ Association News

Our annual clothing collection took place and all monies raised are going towards buying a stage for the school. We’re going to be making a “Stage Gauge” to measure how much money we’ve raised.

The children were busy bunnies for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and this time they were joined by the Easter Bunny who went around helping them out. The Parents’ Association will have a number of excellent activities after the spring break and your help will be appreciated.


News from Around the Classes


Junior Infants have been working hard in class learning all about ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. During Art the children all worked together to make a huge caterpillar for our classroom. The children enjoyed listening to the story in class.

Junior Infants dressed up in beautiful costumes for World b00k day. They enjoyed role -play and talking about their characters. On Wednesday we all went upstairs to the library where the children got to pick a library book for the week.

The children got to meet some of the parents who were helping out in the library and thanked them for helping them choose a book of interest.  The children also got the see the baby chicks. 

Senior Infants looked at some pictures of fields full of tall sunflowers in France. We planted our own sunflower seeds making sure they had the correct amount of water, warmth , light and good soil. With lots of care and some luck we hope they will grow very tall.

We read the story “Camille and the sunflowers”. It told us about a very famous painter of sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh. Not many people liked his beautiful art when he was alive but now people think they are masterpieces. We used our handprints to make our very own sunflower masterpieces .


1st/2nd Classes

1st class had a visitor from America. Brendan’s cousin, Henry, from New Jersey came into our class for the day on Tuesday. We learned all about Henry’s school. We also played a game that the boys created, all about the similarities and differences between schools in Ireland and in America. We had great fun!

Bhain na paistí i rang a haon, a lán taitneamh as Seachtain na Gaeilge. Bhí craic mór acu ag an céilí sa halla, ghlac said páirt i comhrá le rang a ceathair, chaith said éadaí glas álainn ar an Lá Glas agus rinne said iarracht an-mhaith an Ghaeilge a labhairt le chéile, i rith na seachtaine.

We had a super week in second class. We made the most of Seachtaine na Gaeilge each day. Trish came to visit our class and played some traditional Irish instruments for us. We also got the opportunity to meet All-Ireland uileann pipe champion, Colm Broderick. He performed for us and we learned all about playing the uileann pipes. We got to dance with lots of people at the ceile on Wednesday. On Thursday, we joined with senior Infants and we spoke as Gaeilge. The children did really well. We rounded off a great week with Lá Glas and our assembly as Gaeilge on Friday. Thanks to Erin for organising a great week!

3rd/4th Classes

Bhain na paistí a lán taitneamh as an tSeachtain na Gaeilge. Ghlac said pairt i Ceilí mór san halla, bhí a lán amhráin a chanadh acu agus a lán craic is sport is spraoi!

March has been an exceptionally busy month in third class. Our Friendship week class display was given first place in the school competition and our photograph was taken for the newspaper. Well done to all children and their parents for creating such a wonderful display!

Third Class has also been selected to represent Carlow on the GAA promotional video and we were busy taking and re-taking the video during the week. We are looking forward to seeing the finished product!

During Seachtain na nGaeilge the children started to learn the tin whistle and are really enjoying it! They watched Trisha play the violin and a demonstration of the Uilleann Pipes and tin whistle played by an all Ireland Champion and were full of enthusiasm afterwards!

5th and 6th Class

The children in 5th and 6th class have been working extremely hard for the last month on a very interesting project.  This year we are taking part in Our World Irish Aid Awards. This years theme for the Awards is “Caring For Our World”. We have created a project based on the topic, “Millenium Development Goals;Improving the lives of Children.  Our project focuses on the importance of the eight Millenium Development Goals and how they help to improve the lives of children in the developing world. We explore the topic through research into Irish Aid and there 9 partner countries. We have created a scrapbook of all our work which will be entered into the competition. We have a display board outside our classroom which contains information relating to the work we have completed. Feel Free to pop into 5th and 6th class so we can teach you about the MDG’s and the work in which Irish Aid are doing to improve the lives of children around the world.

Vicky and Emer’s Classes


 Vicky's class was busy over the last few weeks. We made lanterns to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We had great fun watching the chicks hatching on the whiteboard. We got to go up and see the new chicks then and it was really exciting!

What an exciting time we had on Friday in Emer's class. It was so cloudy that we thought we wouldn't see the solar eclipse. We watched it on the internet and went outside at 9 30 to experience how cold and dark it was. We were well equipped with our special lenses made by 5th and 6th class and our welding helmet! Eventually we had to come back in. Then just before 10 30 we thought we would give it one more try. We were so delighted to discover that the clouds had parted and we got to finally enjoy the spectacular eclipse!

And Finally…


In April, our core value in school will be kindness and we will be focusing on non religious beliefs. If you have any ideas about how you might be able to help us out in school, contact your teacher as they’d be delighted to hear from you.

·         March 27th – last day of term before spring break (half day)

·         March 30th – April 12th – Spring Break – school closed

·         April 13th – School reopens – full day

·         April 27th – Digital Art Week and Active Week

Simon Lewis,
Mar 25, 2015, 4:36 AM