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January 2016

posted Jan 26, 2016, 2:03 AM by Simon Lewis

A Happy, Healthy New Year

Our new year has started off with a healthy buzz about it. Our Daily K is going strong with children and staff still running their 1km every little break. We also held our annual Healthy Eating Week, moving from October to January and it was definitely the best one yet. The big topic of discussion this year was sugar and children learned all about the hidden sugars in everyday items. Sales of fruit yogurts have surely plummeted as a result! Our Parents’ Association held some really interesting science experiments and activities with food and the children learned all about fruit and vegetables as well as lots of other healthy food related information. Parents also got the chance to meet a nutritionist on the Friday morning and for those who came, it was a real eye-opener. For example, did you know that most children have the equivalent of 12 spoons of sugar for their breakfast, and that’s when parents are trying to be healthy! Moving into February, we’ll be looking forward to our Parent Teacher Meetings and annual Friendship Week. Until next month, keep happy, safe and learning.

February Events

3rd – 5th                                    Parent Teacher Meetings

8th – 12th                       Friendship Week

15th – 19th                     Mid-Term Break

29th                                 Multicultural Day

Maths Puzzle of the Month

Here is this month’s puzzle:

You have a piece of paper, 10cm by 10cm. Area = 100cm^2. For some reason, you need a square piece of paper with an area of 50cm^2. Using the paper you have, what's an easy way of getting the new square?

Last month’s puzzle was:

What is unique about 8549176320 ?

It's the only number that has all the digits arranged in alphabetical order.

Our Belief System for February

Chinese Faith

Our Core Value for January


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Simon Lewis,
Jan 26, 2016, 2:03 AM