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Carlow Educate Together Newsletter June 2015

posted Jun 25, 2015, 7:13 AM by Simon Lewis

Another Year Over…

It’s said when one becomes a parent, time goes by more quickly. As I write this, I’m finding it hard to believe that this is already the end of the school year and my little newborn boy is almost a year old. I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your kind wishes and thoughts throughout the year. It’s been a wonderful year in school for all of us. We had our official opening in May and had lots of fun activities throughout with the help of our parents, including our Autumn Festival, Christmas Fair, Multicultural Day and so on. We welcomed a number of new staff this year and we’re delighted that we’ll be seeing Gillian and Trish back with us in August. I want to wish Jonathan and Julie-Ann the very best of luck in their new schools. We’re also saying goodbye to Susie and Áine who taught with us in a shared capacity with their base schools. We want to wish Susie all the best as she takes a career break and Áine all the best with her pregnancy. We’ll be welcoming back Eimear, Róisín and Angela back throughout next year. We also said goodbye to our 6th class and wish them all the very best in secondary school. There are also a number of our students moving to other parts of the country and beyond and we wish you all well. Finally, I want to thank everyone who has helped us out in the school this year and we’re looking forward to seeing as many of you in August as we already have grand plans ahead. Thanks as always to my wonderful staff. As well as being highly professional, they are some of the loveliest people you could meet. We’ll be in touch over the summer and until then, keep happy, safe and learning!

Latest News

Updated Class Allocation

Class allocation is now complete and the following teachers are in place:

·         Junior Infants: Róisín

·         Jun/Sen Infants: Susanne

·         Senior Infants: Gillian

·         1st Class: Sive

·         2nd Class: Edel

·         3rd Class: Sinéad

·         4th Class: Clare

·         5th/6th Class: Erin

·         Integrated Classes: Vicky and Emer

·         Support Team: Adrian, Aisling, Teresa, Eimear/Caroline, Marita, Trish.

Cian will be covering Eimear until mid-December.

The SNA allocation is generally not confirmed until late summer.

Paying for Schoolbooks

We always try to ensure that you do not spend too much on schoolbooks and other resources. To save you money, we can get books cheaper and we have group schemes for 24-hour insurance for children. You can pay fees electronically or in the office and regular reminders are sent out by text. We also have a small fund for families who are experiencing financial difficulties. We will be giving a small gift to anyone who contacts the school regarding fees either to pay in full or to let us know their plans re payment by 30th September. If you are unable to pay your fees before this date, please let the school know and your child will not be left out. We have set the date of 30th September to allow us to budget for the year.

Behaviour and Bullying

We are looking into updating our behaviour policy in early 2015-16 to clarify plans for certain behaviours such as physical and verbal aggression. We will be asking parents and guardians for their input in this. With regards to bullying, the school is going to create a guide to bullying and how it is dealt with in the school. As you know, our school takes any allegation of bullying seriously and must act upon it. Sometimes, when an allegation is made against a child, his/her family can become very upset about it and wonder why the school must follow through with procedures even if the allegation seems to have no grounds. The guide aims to address these kinds of issues and will hopefully alleviate any potential upset that may occur as a result of allegations.

HB Ice-Cream Day

Well done to everyone for raising money for Down’s Syndrome Ireland during the ice-cream fun day.

Hot CLub of Dublin

A big thanks to everyone for coming along to our fundraiser for the integrated classes. We raised over €1,000, which will be spent on vital resources for our children. Thanks to Trish for organising the night.

Missing Clothes

All coats, jumpers and other items will be donated to a local charity shop on 1st July. If you’re missing an item, please come to the parents’ room and have a look.


Congratulations to 6th class on their graduation. We all wish them the best of luck in secondary school. Thank you to all the children for their kind wishes and nice words. Also, thank you to parents and guardians for their good wishes on the day.

Sports’ Day

Sports’ Day took place earlier in the month and a huge thank you to the wonderful parents and guardians who came along to help. We had a huge response and the children had a fantastic time.

Nut Allergy

Just a reminder that we have two pupils in our school with nut allergies. It is vital that no nuts ever come into our school. We cannot police every lunchbox so we are relying on you to cooperate with our nut ban.


As per government guidelines, the following is a summary of our school self evaluation. We run two standardised tests every year for children from 1st to 6th class – a numeracy test and literacy test. Senior Infants do a Middle Infant Screening Test. We were delighted to see that our literacy and numeracy scores were much higher than expected this year and it is a testament to the hard work of staff and children that we have excelled in both areas of numeracy and literacy. We will be continuing to review our numeracy plans in 2015-16 and consolidating our literacy initiatives. We hope to be able to offer a numeracy package for all children from 1st class upwards in numeracy, which can be done at home.

News from Around the Classes


There was fun in the park, rain in the park, excitement on buses, surprise ice-cream vans, more buses, queuing in the theatre, being seated, lights going out, a one man show with puppets, more buses again, and finally tired but happy children ready for home. We all really had a great day.

We visited the library on Wednesday and were treated to a fantastic story by Rhonda. Then we heard from Libby (the Library fairy) so we decided to write and thank her for her letter

After our trip to the Visual Arts Centre we drew pictures of what we see on the stage at a theatre.

1st/2nd Classes

1st class had a great day on our school tour today. We visited Kilkenny Activity Centre and had lots of fun in Captain Jack’s Inflatable Play Centre. We then travelled to the Dunmore Cave and really enjoyed our time there

Last week we learned all about the ant. We learned that it has two stomachs, compound eyes and that it uses it antenna for hearing, feeling and smelling. We went on an any hunt and we saw lots of other insects and mini beasts on our hunt.

3rd/4th Classes

It’s full speed ahead this week on our Lighthouse Projects in Third Class.

A big well done to 3B2G, 4th class, who beat Champion FC, 5th/6th class, in the Senior Carlow ET Soccer Cup Final today. It was a very close and exciting game which finished 4-3. The game was played in a great spirit. 

We had a fantastic day at Castlecomer Discovery Park yesterday. The sun shone for most of the day and the children had a wonderful time boating, on the tree top walk and participated in a water ecology activity.

5th / 6th Classes

The children in 5th and 6th class have been busy working on the topic of Brazil. They completed fantastic project which included information about Brazils capital, the Amazon, football, food, festivals in Brazil, Favelas and Christ the Redeemer. They were very interesting to read.

Congratulations to our graduates.

5th and 6th class had a brilliant school on Friday. We left Carlow bright an early and first stop was GAA headquarters Croke Park. The children were given a great tour of Croke Park had fun in the interactive zone and even got to see the stage being set up for the Script concert. We then had or lunch on the steps of Croker and next stop was he Viking splash tour. This was a great sightseeing tour of Dublin and we even managed to scare a few pedestrians along the way. A great day had by all.

Vicky and Emer’s Classes

Vicky’s class on tour

Thanks to Adrian, Emily, Faye, Asha, Ian & Tiia and everyone involved in the gardening projects throughout the year. We have enjoyed planting, growing and tasting the produce.

School Calendar 2015-16

26th August

Half Day – 12pm (School Opens)


26th – 30th Oct

School Closed (Mid Term Break)

22nd Dec

Half Day – 12pm (Winter Holidays)

23rd Dec – 5th Jan

School Closed – (Winter Holidays)

6th Jan

Half Day – 12pm (School reopens)

15th – 19th Feb

School Closed (Mid Term Break)

17th Mar – 1st Apr

School Closed (Spring Break)

1st – 6th May

School Closed (Mid Term Break)

6th  - 7th June

School Closed (Bank Holiday)

30th June

Half Day – 12pm (Summer Holidays)






Simon Lewis,
Jun 25, 2015, 7:13 AM