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About 80% of the money given to the Super PACs - groups whose massive spending is expected to heavily influence the outcome of the 2012 elections - has come from just 58 individual donors.

This video is worth watching - a clear introduction to the Citizens United case and the reasons why fixing election financing is the key to solving so many other problems of corporate power run amok:

This article discusses the significance of Obama's recent speech in Kansas - a speech which shows that the politicians in Washington can no longer ignore Occupy's demands for greater equality - and explains why equality isn't just a moral issue, but one of great practical importance.

OccupyMN is now carrying out an extended occupation in the home of a Vietnam vet facing foreclosure. This action is gaining national attention. How can we fight unfair bank foreclosures in Northfield, or support those sharing our struggle in the Cities?

November 22, 2011: Where does Occupy go from here? Michael Moore

The Occupy movement is unique because it doesn't have just one demand or set of demands. And without a formal leadership or uniform demands, there has been controversy - inside and outside the movement - about what we're fighting for. This is an analysis of OWS tweets - a look at what people talking about the movement from all parts of this country are saying they think it should be about:

This isn't a news piece, but it is important and useful background. It's a brief article, written by a well-respected sociologist of wealth and power in America, that outlines that seeks to use quantitative indicators of wealth, power, and social networks to answer the question: Who rules America? Does there exist a homogeneous ruling class with disproportionate control over both economic and political power? 

December 2, 2011: Once again, comedians are a better source of news than much of the media. This clip, from the Daily Show, discusses the Fed's secret, taxpayer-funded bank bailout 10 times the size of TARP - and how the banks that wrecked our economy took advantage of our charity (without which they would have gone bankrupt) to rob us of billions more dollars:

September 12, 2011: Occupy Wall Street posted this piece on their website, with one take on what is wrong with our current economic system and why we need to Occupy:

December 1, 2011: the Daily Kos reports that, that Hank Paulson gave private briefings to Wall Street executives:

November 26, 2011: Al-Jazeera's Paul Rosenberg writes about the US descent into neoliberal dominance through the lens of UC-Berkeley. "Pepper-Spray Nation"


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