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    This trip was an eye opener and the damage is much more than i had imagined, but friends it felt nice to see the BWF team headed by Adhik reaching out to the flood affected people, though this is the first time they have done any kind of relief work, they are doing a wonderful job, Adhik too was stuck in Srinagar and spend about 42 hours atop a Masjid after abandoning his Bolera Jeep which got submerged, within a few days after the Flood of 7th Oct i.e by 12 th Oct 4 doctors had reached Kashmir already and by 24th Oct, BWF had 5 Ambulances running ( from sponsors apart from CF ) and a team of 35 doctors from Nashik, Kholapur and Pune who worked hard and treated thousands of patients in affected villages, Sheikh Zahoor and Tanveer from their Birwah home carried food and water for 6 days to the people stuck on roof tops by using small boats. GOONJ too made available a good amount of medicines from their stock in Srinagar. Adhik too rescued many and made distress calls to the right sources, which helped many. The Army too has done a great job.

    All the doctors who volunteered, borne their own expenses, the Nashik team has also arranged for 500 blankets.. they have done a splendid job. Kudos to BWF for standing there right in the middle when they were most needed. With God's Grace none of BWF's 3 centers were affected. The Haji Ali and Mahim Dargah Trust of Mumbai have also collected Tons of Relief Material and Medicines which BWF would help distribute. The Ambulance and Doctors would be in Kashmir till around mid December.

    On this trip we were able to visit 2 villages as we were stuck due to curfew and restrictions on 1st and 2nd Nov due to some disturbances and road blocks in the area.  CF has decided in consultation with BWF to Focus only on Rehab.

Our Trip : 30 Oct - 3 Nov

    The major problem which we faced is in finding a good ngo, as this is the first time the region has faced floods many lack the experience in handling Rehab work nor have the man power, but many NGO's are doing Relief Work, so we need to go slow and then accelerate our push on Rehab, depending on the way the first phase is executed, besides the below we are exploring to provide them with Blankets, Water Filters, Solar Lamps and some efficient Chullahs.. this will need to wait.. as some ngos are already distributing these.

    We got in touch with a small NGO Al Abas Relief Trust, founded by Mr Abas who is with J & K Police's Vigilance Dept., they have been doing good work on relief and have a good data of a cluster of 25 villages, where most of the people are Carpet Weavers but work on contract, about 175 to 200 such weavers have lost their looms in the floods, CF has decided to take this up and the cost of each Loom is about Rs 10,000 ( total 20,00,000 ) this will help them earn around Rs 40 to 50 thousand a year. ( Kripal Purabala, Rakdaslipura and Raksultanpura villages in first phase )

    Secondly we shall provide 10 note books to each student ( 2500 students approx ) on buy one get one free basis ( as some ngos are providing free Note Books ) , the money collected from this would be used in setting up a Sports Club and a Library ( about 6 ) for the children as winter is setting in, we shall provide indoor games and books. We intend to take this to a larger number if we see a good demand..

    There are many women who can earn a decent living if given a Sewing Machine, to begin with we shall provide about 60 such machines.. and are awaiting data for more...

    We came across some women who were single, middle aged and daily wage workers who have lost their house and income, we have asked our associates to get more info about them and then shall extend necessary aid on case to case basis..

    Sheikh Zahoor ( a Professor ) Trustee of BWF has taken full responsibility to monitor the full project as he knows the founder and the region well and is just a few kilometers away, 

    In conclusion, we are in touch with Adhik who shall keep us updated about the needs as we have 5 Ambulances which covers many villages and help us gather data and latest info on distribution and work of other agencies. We shall strive to do much more...

                        A fully damaged house                        A single women next to her fully damaged house 


                                    A Typical Carpet Weaving Loom            A Weaver with what is left of his loom and damaged carpets