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Mumbai Meet November 2011

13th November 2011 featuring Helpers of the Handicapped
In the Caring Friends Meet held in Mumbai on 13-Nov-11,  Nassema Didi spoke about how she overcame her suicidal tendencies and changed her outlook to life. She attributes the credit to her family and the main person "Babu Kaka" who himself was a paraplegic but was very enthusiastic and enterprising he guided her and treated Didi as his daughter.
Friends were moved by watching the film on Helpers of the Handicapped (HOH) and some broke into tears when Mauli and Avinash performed and showed how they have over come their disability of having no hands. They also had a meal in full view " with their feet " people were stunned , Mauli played " Saare Jahan se Acha " on  the Harmonium with her feet and Avinash danced to a tune.
Naseema Didi spoke about how society at large was neglecting people with disability and how it has changed for the better over the years, she spoke on how HOH tries to rehabilitate its beneficiaries , how students cope up and the main issue was of finding " accommodation " for both the students and the working men and women. She also informed us about how they run a " matrimonial " for their staff and help them in finding a suitable match.
HOH also trains paraplegics on how to be as independent as possible in their daily routine the benefits of which have reached many and they are now mobile enough to move around, which was otherwise not possible before the training.

HOH is running a Hostel, an integrated School for both the normal and the differently abled children, a vocational training center and a cashew processing unit at Sindhudurg, Mr Ayaz Sangrar ( Trustee ) spoke about  " Changing Lives " , the success cases from HOH. He also talked about the budget figures and needs of HOH, some of them include a Staff Quarters for the differently abled, sponsorship of students, a cargo vehicle and construction of a play ground.
We also had a surprise guest Ms Flavia Agnes of Majlis ( Mumbai ) , who spoke briefly about  women abuse and the law and the role Majlis plays, they have a team of women lawyers who take up issues of women from poor families, they do not charge any fees and have been working since 20 yrs.
All in all it was a very sensitising meet, after which people were more aware of the problems of the differently abled and how lives change with a little help and understanding.