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Mime and Magic Show January 2015

20th Jan 2015
We had a fantastic turnout of 250 people at the show organised by Caring Friends -Tom Verner’s Mime and Magic show 

Apart from our supporters and their families, we had 50 hearing-impaired children from Toybank's NGO partner named CORP- Community Outreach Programme, our house-helps, drivers, office-staff and their families.

Tom and his team comprising of his wife Janet (aka La Fleur and the Indianised alias ‘Phool’) and his team-member Chris regaled the audience from even before the show started, with their silent mime acts and impromptu magic tricks, as they mingled with the audience and interacted with children. It was heart-warming to see so many hearing-impaired kids proudly take to the stage as assistants for Janet and Chris and their eyes lit up with delight and pride as they participated in the mime acts. Little girls readily accepted Tom’s invitation to join him on the stage and mutter magical chants of “Ooooh” and “Abra Ca Dabra” to make strings appear from nowhere, balls disappear and then re-appear from thin air, colourful sticks materialise and balloons get pricked by sharp pointy needles without bursting! Janet’s suitcase and toothbrush act and Chris’ silent Robot act and red-ball popping-up from everywhere acts had the audience in splits!


Tom is the founder of the US based NGO Magicians Without Borders and since 2002, this organisation has used magic to entertain, educate and empower many of the most forgotten children in the world. They have worked in over 35 countries like Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Bosnia, Ukraine, India, Afghanistan, El Salvador and Colombia and performed for over 600,000 refugee and orphan children. Tom and his team members keep coming to India every year and spend several weeks touring the country and giving free magic demonstrations and workshops to train orphan children from NGOs like Prerna, Snehalaya, BWF etc. 

We request you to spread the word about this organisation amongst your friends and relatives in the US and kindly ask them to donate to this organisation, either through their website http://www.magicianswithoutborders.com or through ARPAN Foundation http://arpanfoundation.org/

Our young Caring Friend Bonsy Mehta had interviewed Tom and Janet  prior to the show, which was published in the newspaper, Afternoon Dispatch and Courier.  

Moumita Deb,
Feb 2, 2015, 2:40 AM