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Meet for Thane SPCA

One Caring Friend present  Vinay Somani , "Good we came, I would have missed a wonderful opportunity to know so much about Animal Welfare, which, otherwise i  was not aware of ". Another said, "How these people manage to do so much from such a small place, amazing". Debashish and Shakuntala made the shortest presentation till date at a CF meet, but hit the bull's eye. They made their point.
Shakuntala  and Debashish Majumdar –  Founders , Thane S.P.C.A., gave the talk to rapt attention from the listeners. They spoke about pain, and how the feeling of pain is the same across species and age groups. Animals feel pain just as we do – the only reason people do not empathize with it, is because animals cannot speak. But understanding, acknowledging and helping to alleviate animal suffering, is also a part of what makes us human.
Shakuntala spoke about the horrific animal distress cases that they deal with on a day-to-day basis – human cruelty, abandonment, consequences of human-animal conflict etc. Thane S.P.C.A. operates an emergency service to deal with these cases – the center is open 24x7, 365 days a year. They also operate two ambulances that cater to the length and breadth of Thane and sometimes also to Raigad.
It is important to note that the organization works under tremendous financial pressures (not to forget the rising number of animal suffering cases each year). Yet, the success stories are heartwarming and plentiful. In the last decade, the organization has treated more than 20,000 animals at their hospital.
Shakuntala and Debashish were extremely thankful to Nimesh Sumati and his friends and associates for being solid pillars supporting their work – both financially and morally. They expressed their genuine happiness at meeting so many like-minded friends at the Get-together.
After the talk, they felicitated Dr. Madhuri Gurjar – a homeopath (M.D.) with a golden heart and positivity radiating from every fiber. She has treated hundreds of patients with kindness, optimism, science and faith and now she successfully treats hundreds of animals in the Thane S.P.C.A. facility. Animals have come back from the brink of death and returned home restored to health, thanks to Dr. Gurjar’s sharp diagnosis, treatment and compassion. Other trustees and staff of Thane S.P.C.A. also came forward and the listeners were introduced to them first-hand as the people who strive day in and day out to make life better for animals, with dollops of compassion, love and an indomitable will, An outstanding example is Mrs. Irani. After she joined Thane SPCA, the death rate has fallen by over 50%.
Later, a QA session was conducted, where people voiced their opinions, asked questions, put forward enquiries and generally became more informed about animal welfare.  CF had placed products such as bird feeders and artificial leather wallets for sale, which were picked up by interested buyers.
The meet concluded with plenty of interaction and networking between people – all in all,  a successfully inspired evening.