Caring Friends (CF) Mumbai, is an informal group of friends, who have come together to act as a bridge between outstanding NGOs and donors. We do the due diligence – visit, assess and assist the NGOs – so that every rupee that the donor contributes is used optimally.  Our only criteria to support an NGO is the excellence of work and factors like caste, creed, religion, region or gender do not matter. As of today CF is associated with more than 30 NGO in 10 states of India, they work on various issues like the welfare of children, women, farmers, physically challenged, tribal, animals and also NGOs working on government reforms.
How are we different:
A) We do a preliminary site visit and assess the quality and impact of the work.  Once satisfied, the core team of CF makes the initial and substantial donation to the NGO.  We monitor their progress for months and sometimes a year or two before introducing them to others or taking them under CF.
B) We take pride in our zero overheads. All administrative costs are borne by us. In fact, ‘Caring Friends’ does not have a Bank Account.  We do not accept cheques in our name. Cheques are made directly to the NGOs, hence 100% of the funds go to the NGOs.
C) Happily, the older NGOs mentor the newer NGOs and guide them on various issues, this has got wonderful results as they network and learn from each other.
D) More often than not, we identify the NGO.  We reach out to them.
E) Each and every NGO we support has been visited by a team member.
F) CF also takes care of the needs of the Founders as many are drawing a modest sum or none from the organization. This includes education of their children, medical and social needs.
G) CF has also created a Staff Welfare Fund for addressing the needs of the staff  who are a  backbone of an organization.
H) Caring Friends also has a USA counterpart, ARPAN FOUNDATION (http://www.arpanfoundation.org/)   Founded by two brothers, viz., Anand and Parag Karia, a very dedicated and committed duo. They have been a core part of CF and work on the same basic principles. Donations to Arpan Foundation by US residents enjoy tax exemption under the US Laws. They too remit the full amount without deducting any bank charges.
" Our objective is to identify and support outstanding humanitarian and little known organizations working to improve the lives of  the lowest strata of our society in the tribal, backward rural areas of our country" 
- Ramesh Kacholia, (Founder, Caring Friends)

Our latest Caring Friends Meet was held on Sunday, June 28, 2015 where a different set of speakers proved very interesting to an audience that was awed by their service and sacrifice for the nation and its people. Dr Anil Patel - an ENT specialist who has dedicated his life to serve the poor and needy patients and Dr Pol, a dentist by profession and a philanthropist at heart who has successfully handled  water conversation projects in Satara taking advantage of Govt schemes and with the involvement of the community. No organisation, no funding, no employees…. a pure one man show!

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A Video introduction of Caring Friends
(Courtesy:  Arpan Foundation USA)
Arpan raises funds and transfers them to the NGOs we support



"We have ensured that our method of work is totally transparent. We are proactive & keep looking for truly outstanding institutions. Once we identify any such institution, we first collect all the information, & scrutinize it thoroughly, visit the institution personally & examine its work in great detail. If we find that the work is truly excellent & the institution is really in need of support, then we become closely associated with it. Before we approach anyone else to extend support to this institution, we ourselves first donate & support it. All the institutions Caring Friends is associated with are are of a very high caliber. Our greatest satisfaction is that after association of Caring Friends, the work of most of these institutions has not only expanded but the quality of work has also improved tremendously"
- Nimesh Sumati (Caring Friends)