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5th Annual Meet

25th to 28th February 2014

Our 5th Annual Meet was well attended with over 200 friends, . All the founders were introduced by highlighting their personal journey, sacrifices and struggles. The audience was really moved by the stories and were all praise. They were amazed by the wonderful group that CF has been able to bring together. They interacted over dinner with all the associates. Bastiaan and Annekoos from Stitching Geron, Netherlands, with their lovely twin daughters attended too.

Matheran : Our associates presented their achievements and challenges for the year 2013. A break out session for discussions was very helpful. We decided to explore the idea of collective purchase of consumables like, note books, stationary, groceries, toiletries etc as the quantities are real big. There was lot of interaction and sharing of ideas and opinions too.

Lighter Side : This natural and holiday like setting really drained all the stress that many founders go through. All were in a rocking mood and some hidden talent of our associates came to the fore. Vinayak sang songs in 3 languages, so did Mrs Mridula Baneerjee of SPS, Mrs Sirvalli and Mrs Tara of Unnati, etc. Jenny rocked the Bus journey to Matheran, Kaushikbhai was sporting and game for all activities. The evenings around the Bon Fire were great...

We decided to serve the waiters and the kitchen staff after we finished our meal and in spite of resistance from the management we could do it. We changed sides and all CF went behind the counters to serve... Bastiaan made Pav Bhaji, Kartick was the Bhelpuri wala, some served water. It was simply a great experience and the hotel staff and us thoroughly enjoyed it.

All in all, it was a Great meet.. Thanks to the support from all you Caring Friends, that we have been able to reach so far. We shall work hard to do even better....

What this Annual Meet means to them ............. 

Jenny & Sunil : Ant 

    The immense effort and love of the organising committee cannot but be thanked from the bottom of each of our hearts. Thank you is inadequate. We glowed in your care! This will keep us going for a long many days.....

Regards and warm appreciation.

Dr Saoji : Prayas 

    It was really enriching & recharging experience to be with all loving & caring friends. Now all of us seem to be more closer, open & the level of intimacy has also get intensified.
This year's annual meet was somewhat different, which Nimeshbhai was trying since last two years. All the organizing team has put all efforts to make it different. Thanks to all of them from bottom of heart.

As an outcome of this meet, we can expect more collaborations, networking, sharing resources, visiting each other's places etc.

Mrs Mridula Banerjee SPS :

    The few days we , Rangu, Shobhit and Pinky, and I, spent with you and members of so many organisations, were an amazingly rich, inspirational and rejuvenating experience. Not only in terms of sharing of information, interaction, caring, and humility,…….. it was a totally humbling experience.

Kartick Wildlife SOS :

    This annual meet was indeed a very wonderful and unique experience.
Listening to other NGOs share their experiences and their challenges was both humbling, motivational and confidence building for me. I found this experience very personally satisfying as it helped me network, share ideas, compare notes, see the struggles other NGOs were having and most importantly learn from others.

    We all hope to make CF and all of you very proud of us and our work over the years.
Your care in selecting a very peaceful environment in Matheran was a boon. It allowed everyone to let down their hair and be themselves. I had long conversations with many founders and shared experiences which i don't think would have been possible if not for the fact that everyone was so relaxed.

A very special thank you for pampering all of us and taking such good care of us.

May God bless you all for your love, kindness and generosity.