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4th Annual Meet

1st, 2nd and 3rd February 2013
The Founders and key executives of 25+ associates (about 75) of Caring Friends, from all over India had assembled for 3 days. The founders discussed the various issues on funding, budgeting, management and organisational development with Kaushikbhai Shah,  a qualified CA and Management Expert, and a key member of the core team.  He had planned this session with great care and also facilitated it and coordinated it. Other ngos who had a good grip in certain areas shared it with the group. Certain new partnerships were formed, important issues of EPF were also discussed.  Overall the meet was very useful in clarifying many important issues and the outcome highly encouraging.  All our associates promised to dedicate their full attention to development and not only growth. All agreed to meet the minimum norms evolved at this Meet and to submit the various reports within the stipulated period to CF.

In the evening,a meeting of CF friends, donors and well-wishers was held in Mumbai.  This turned out to be a unique event in the annals of Caring Friends.  For the first time more than 150 friends and donors attended this Meeting.  After heartily welcoming the guests and a brief introduction of  CF, CF and its work, the undersigned invited Nimeshbhai to introduce all our associates.  Nimeshbhai did a superb job and introduced all 25+ CF Associates in a non-stop 2-hour period.  The entire audience listened with rapt attention and were moved to the very core of their hearts.    The work of each and every associate was  heartily cheered.
Here are a few comments which show how deeply the audience was moved --  
Sunil Mehta,  Founder President of Muktangan, an independent NGO not associated with CF
"Liz (Mrs.Mehta) and I cannot express sufficiently how moved we both were with your 4th Annual Meet on 1st February evening.  Your non-organization, organization is so effectively organized with all its simplicity, sincerity and clarity of spirit and yet delivers so much to so many, so powerfully and beneficially, that it makes us wonder about the need for the complexity within our own organizations.  The vast panorama of your work on display that evening, with so many inspiring individuals and organizations, brought tears to our eyes and, even after a long tiring day ending with a long evening together, it left us greatly energized."
Message from Sarita Gupta,  of Indico, an NGO in USA.
"Dear Nimeshbhai--I was invited to tonight's event by Nimesh Joshi, and this was my first exposure to Caring Friends. I came thinking this would be the usual event and left totally inspired. A large part of the evening's success is due to your extraordinary abilities as storyteller--the way you knew intimate details about the folks you introduced, and the way you showed us how their personal journey created their reality. I am a professional fundraiser based in the US and have attended countless award ceremonies. Tonight was the first time I didn't continually check my watch to see how close the end was.
You are an integral part of the success of all the NGOs' efforts, wonderful as they are. Thank you for what you do and for making this evening so memorable for me.
warm regards,   Sarita Gupta "
Shailesh Doshi,  Founder President of Sunday Friends, an informal NGO doing wonderful work at Sion Hospital._
"Dear Nimeshbhai,
That publicity-shy guy standing in one corner of Auditorium during CF-meets was my impression about you. This impression of mine turned upside down and it left such a great impact in my mind that penning mail even after three days of the Meet that I still feel the excitement of your presentation. The purpose, the work and the dedication of diffrent organisations is really great and inspiring.
And the best of all you spoke from your heart for so many organisations and so many people flawlessly that quite a few listeners were in tears. I was also one of them.
Great Experience in my life.  Thanx again for your invitation, learnt and gained a lot during the MEET.
There are dozens of such laudatory messages.  Thank you, Nimeshbhai, for the superb presentation  and the only reason for its being par excellence, was that you spoke what you really feel in your heart of hearts.  May God Bless You!
We then proceeded to FLAME UNIVERSITY, Pune, which was our home for the next 2 days.  The first donors Meet at Pune  was hosted by Ms Anu Aga , Director of Thermax & Member of Rajya Sabha, and was held at Thermax Auditorium. The Meet went off very well.   Anuji was so moved with work and associates of Caring Friends, that she and her daughter, Ms Meher Pudumjee, (present Chairperson of Thermax) came to FLAME University next day, and spent 2 hours with CF, and urged  to carry the good work being done further.  They have promised their support to CF.
There was a different vibrancy on the last day.  Thanks to FLAME,  we had a world class venue and a very cooperative staff and management, which made our 2 nights stay very comfortable.  The hard work and efforts of Dhiren, Mukesh Vishal and Vijay Prabhu (Rameshji's assistant )  were appreciated. 
And what effect did it have on our CF Associates?  Here is a representative message from our very old associate, Amit Banerjee, Founder-Director of SAMPARC.
“I should say that the Meet has changed the entire perspectives of communication and feedback  mechanism.  We shall certainly try our best to live upto it”.

We exchanged gratitude and parted on a very positive note to meet again next year with a much superior performance of all CF associates.
This Annual Meet is playing an important role, it gives the donors a feel of CF as a complete family, strengthens the bond among our associates, gives a boost to them, lot of sharing of ideas -  skills and resources is facilitated and new comers leave greatly inspired.
All this is possible because of the strong support we enjoy from you all and your help is expanding our resources by getting in new friends. Wishing all our associates and friends a great new year.