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2nd Annual Meet

12th Feb-14th Feb, 2011

Hi to All,


Our meet at TISS went off very well. It seemed like meeting each other after a very long time!

All the participants were happy to meet and exchange lot of info, ideas, suggestions etc. There was a vibrancy which cannot be written about but needs to be felt. The venue being in Mumbai made it convenient for donors to come at their convenience and we had many of them visiting us on all days.

We had a special evening on the 12th Saturday where 5 organisations made their presentation and the rest were introduced very briefly , the audience got a good feel of our network and a glimpse in the working of all our group organisations. The organisations discussed various issues and problems they face, in turn CF has offered to assist them  in trying to tackle these. Anand Karia who came from Arpan USA specially to attend this meet was happy with the progress of our group organisations and was glad to attend. He also drew attention of the organisations to the various areas of concern. Srikanth Belwadi the person who is in charge of our B'lore chapter too attended and he spoke about how the various Google apps can be used and how to derive maximum benefits from these. He is also assisting our group orgs on this, this was well received by the orgs who were all excited to get started. The organisation expressed their gratitude to all caring friends for their support and making a big difference.

Our friends from the Netherlands i.e Mr  Bastiaan, Ms Annekoos ( Stichting Geron )  and Ms.Josta  ( Cordaid ) also came down specially for this meet, they stayed for 3 full days and interacted with all the orgs. They shared their experiences with the participants and spoke about the funding issues. 

A special THANK YOU to Prof Satyajit Mazumdar and his team who extended full assistance and saw that this meet went smoothly. Also thanks to his students for generously allowing us to use the convention center. 

A big THANK YOU to our caring friends Mukesh Mehta , Dhiren Dalal and Preeti Shah in making all the arrangements and  looking after the comfort and convenience of our participants also Mr Rajiv Vartak who extend all his help and arranged for the accommodation and transfer of the participants. 

This meet is gaining importance and we are trying to make it better every time; thank you to all our participants and Caring Friends to make this event a success!

 We all bid each other a very compulsive and half-hearted good bye.


Best Regards,

Caring Friends