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1st Annual Meet

19th to 21st February, 2010

Hi to all,

Just to give you a brief of our wonderful meet from 19th to 21st Feb'10 which was attended by 24 organisations.

The group NGOs of Caring Friends got together for the first time in 5 years at Baba Amte's  ANANDWAN for 3 days and we could not think of any other suitable and apt place for such a meet. The founders and their core team were introduced to each other and each story of theirs which unfolded was inspiring. There was an exchange of suggestions and ideas and they also expressed their needs and concerns, the difficulties they faced etc. The younger organisations had a good exposure to the older and larger organisations; they looked up to them as a source of inspiration for growth. All of them were awed by the work of our legendary Baba and were energised by the whole atmosphere at Anandwan. Many met each other for the first time but left as though they were old friends. Kaustubh and his wife Pallavi Amte played excellent hosts and attended the whole meet and catered to our smallest needs. The group was inspired with their humble, loving and caring nature. We all have agreed to make this meet an annual one.


 All members expressed their gratitude to their "UNCLE " Rameshji due to whom we all met. His compassion and hard work at such an age impressed everybody, his energy levels matched his affection for all too, his contribution to all organisations was appreciated and valued. We all wish our founder a long and healthy life!


The members also expressed their feelings about CF and the way we support and unlike most funding agencies, the philosophy of CF of going beyond the needs of the organisations. Looking at the founders needs was appreciated; they felt secured with CF behind them and hence could focus more on their goals.


In turn Anand Karia of Arpan Foundation , who came specially from USA to attend this meet and CF spoke about their concerns and expectations from the organisations and ways to move ahead. Some CF who also attended the meet were Aunp and Shalu Maheshwari, Kaushik and Sudha Shah, Naresh Mehta, Vishal Shah, Arunji Sheth, Jerry and Shaswat of Letz Dream foundation, Tanya Mahajan of Karmayog, Preeti and Nimesh.


Our thanks to  Dadarao Bankar of R & D Nagpur, who  played our host and arranged for our transfer, travel and stay; his team extended a warm service; we thank them a lot! Ambadas Chawan covered the whole event and shot more than 10 hours of film, very quietly and patiently; a special thanks to him!


We at CF wanted to share and extend the feelings of our group organisations to you all to see how a little help can go a long way and work wonders with these wonderful gems among people who have dedicated their lives for the good of society. Let's pledge to continue our work and expand and reach out to more deserving organisations.


With best regards,


Caring Friends