"Never believe that a few Caring People cannot change the world.  For, indeed, that is all, who ever have".  
- Dr.Margaret Meade
 The Force behind the Vision 
Mr. Ramesh Kacholia founded Caring Friends in 2002.  He is the driving force behind this organisation.  Rising from a modest background, Uncle (as Mr. Ramesh Kacholia is fondly called by all his associates, volunteers, friends and well-wishers) overcame multiple obstacles to establish himself as a respected professional with reputed companies. His deep love for humanity and boundless compassion for the under-privileged regularly led him to social work from an early age. The turning point in his life happened in 1981. Deeply moved after reading an article on Baba Amte’s Maharogi Sewa Samiti , he visited “Anandwan” and life was never the same again.  With time, Baba Amte became his mentor and treated him like his son. From being a self-appointed Ambassador for  MSS, he began helping many other outstanding, but relatively unknown social institutions with the active encouragement of Baba. In 2002, Ramesh Uncle finally gave up all his business responsibilities to engage fully into social work and to utilize all his expertise and knowledge and leverage upon his strong network of contacts for the benefit of society.  

Mr. Nimesh Sumati , is Nimeshbhai to everyone in the Caring Friends Family. He has spearheaded the growth of the organisation since 2005. His main focus is on " QUALITY " and to  strengthen the organisational fundamentals. A keen social entrepreneur, he recognizes a social problem and undertakes painstaking research and background checks to identify a credible and efficient social organization in that space for ‘Caring Friends’ to support, nurture and grow. He is very passionate about visiting all CF associated organisations in  different states in India on a regular basis for continuous evaluation, many time with new potential donors and supporters. Nimesh is working to build a solid team to  take the ‘Caring Friends’ platform to a truly national level

Mr Vinayak Lohani : He is an IIT and IIM graduate, founder of Parivaar Education Society, an intelligent, low profile and quiet person, interestingly he supports Caring Friends by introducing us to important donors of Parivaar. We call him a "Sharing Friend ". He is closely involved in the working of CF. He has started visiting CF associated NGO's and provides good insights, he is also very good in his due deligence, he has proved to be a great asset of CF. 

Kaushik D Shah: Kaushikbhai, 
a Chartered Accountant with an illustrious career in the pharmaceutical industry, had always wondered how to bridge the gap between those who have resources and those in need of resources. Working with Caring friends has provided him an opportunity to share his learning and experience with our NGOs and helped them in building second level team to support their Project work, in defining goals and strategy-planning to achieve those goals, resource planning, management and utilization,streamlining systems and processes, providing communication forums and building quality consciousness in all their pursuits.

Vishal Shah:
 Vishal is an engineer by qualification and heads his own firm in Mumbai, apart from a generous donor, he too is actively involved and has visited many ngos, he is a man of few words, he is helpful in organising our meets in Mumbai. He too is very eager to see CF grow and is always available.

Mr Dhiren Dalal:
 A chartered accountant by profession, Dhiren is actively involved and has visited many of the group ngos, he is also helping us connect with new friends and donors, Dhiren is a very humble, compassionate person, he is also a quiet volunteer, in spite of his busy schedule he is always available for CF. He brings with him a long experience in finance. 

Mr Mukesh Mehta: A investor by profession, Mukesh assists CF in his personal capacity and makes himself available for all events, he is also associated with a community run OPD in Sion,Mumbai,  Mukesh is very keen to play a larger role going forward. Mukesh is a very silent and humble person by nature.

Rishikesh Joshi:
Rishikesh (known as Rishi to all)  is an investment professional and works with India Infoline Ltd. He helps us reach out to new donors and also helps in organising our various events and programs. He visits our partner NGOs periodically, with whom he wishes to work in the future to streamline processes.