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U19 variations

High school variations

Be aware of the IRB law variations for U19 pertaining to time of match, scrum, and number of players. 

If you find yourself refereeing a match on a football field where the goalposts are at the back of the end zone, it is highly recommended that shots at goal are still taken from the mark, and that the team is not moved up 10 yards (or meters) closer to the posts. Moving shots at goal up and making the ball dead will disadvantage the defending team, as they will have no opportunity to play the ball on a missed shot at goal. If both coaches argue heatedly to have shots at goal advanced 10 yards on a football field, you may relent, but it's suggested that you do not.

Middle school variations

The Middle School division of the IYRA has modified its policies regarding high tackles and sin bins for middle school games. These variations do not apply to the high school division.
8. High Tackles ‚ We ask our referees to assist our coaches in training good tackling habits in these younger players by using verbal warnings during play.
     a. Should a Dangerous Tackle occur, the player should receive a Yellow Card and not be replaced during the “Sin Bin Period.”
     b. Multiple players may receive Yellow Cards throughout a match. There is no incremental penalty. There is no limit to the seating capacity of the Sin Bin.
     c. A second occurrence by the same player will result in a Red Card and ejection. There is no further sanction or suspension for this player. The ejected player may be replaced.
9. Yellow Cards result in a player being sent off the field to discuss the issue with the coaches. The player may only return with the referee’s permission.
     a. Midi Rugby 2 minutes in the Sin Bin
     b. Middle School 5 minutes in the Sin Bin
10. Red Cards may still be issued at the referee’s sole discretion for dangerous or foul play. Red cards will be treated as "soft reds" with the sent-off player not eligible for return, but (s)he may be substituted for.