Teletzke Bio

Kathy Teletzke has a son and a step daughter that suffer from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) which they both also have Mental Health Issues. She also was dependent on opioids due to a chronic medical condition and has been opioid free for 8 years now. Her childhood involved a lot of trauma: alcoholism, abuse and foster care. She has been learning as much as she can to help other community members live a life of Recovery by taking online classes/webinars with Samhsa (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration), Addiction Policy Forum, ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) and etc. She became a Recovery Coach in 2016 Certified by CCAR. She has been doing Volunteer work with the organization since the beginning. She is a member of several groups WI CAN (Change Addiction Now) United CAN, Moms CAN, Nar Anon, TAM (The Addicts Mom) for Advocacy and MAT (Medical Assisted Treatment), United Against Heroin, Stop Heroin Now.

She has been married to Russ since 1985 and they have 2 Children, 1 Stepdaughter and 5 Grandchildren. She helps watch 2 of her Grandchildren. She was hired at John Deere in 1998 and if it wasn’t for her disability of RSD/CRPS she would still be there.

She enjoys crocheting, sewing and needlepoint in her spare time.