READ IT! expanded to RIMI (READ IT, MATH IT- Reading Excels After Differentiated Intervention Technology & Math Accelerates Through Holistic Intervention Technology)

Amazing Results from the Read It! grant for the 2017-2018 school year!

Exciting news for the Cardinal School District thanks to the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation! The Read It program has expanded to include math as well as reading programs for all students in third through eighth grade! Not only will many of our students continue to benefit from the Tier 3 MVRC (My Virtual Reading Coach by MindPlay) reading program, now all students have access to the reading and math IXL programs (Teir 1). MVRC (My Virtual Reading Coach by MindPlay) in addition to IXL programs both utilize mastery-based tools designed to address academic skills/standards directly and systematically with differentiated instruction based on the student's needs. 

MindPlay Reading Intervention Results 2018

                             Pizza party for
 passing MindPlay
 levels! Great job!

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