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Attendance Regulations

1. ABSENCE from one or more classes requires a note or phone call from a parent to the Attendance Office.
  • Parents are required to call the school by 9:00 am on a day when the student is absent, failure to do so will place the student on truant status.
  • Failure of a student to provide a note on the day they return from an absence will result in detention. 
  • Parent notes excuse an absence, but this absence still counts against the student's absence totals for the semester. 
  • Medical or dental appointments or other licensed therapeutic appointments are counted toward absence totals for each semester.   
  • Medical or dental appointments should be made during non-school hours when possible. 
2.  Aeries communication is a integrated communication platform with Aeries (our school information system). We will communicate to parents via text- 
      messages, e-mails or phone call if your student has been marked absent one or more periods during the school day. 

3. Medical absence due to Medical/Dental Prescribed Care/Extended Medical Absence
  • Attendance records for students who submit a doctor's note will be adjusted to show ―MEDICAL as a reason for absence. 
  • Medical verification must be presented upon resuming attendance and submitted to Mrs. Lane.  The Dean of Students will then review.  
  • All doctors' notes must be turned in within 3 days of medical absence. 
  • It will not be counted as an absence against the number necessary to maintain normal credit for a semester.
  • Doctor and Dental appointments count against a students total absences.
4. Early dismissal notes will be issued at the beginning of each school day. The procedure is as follows. 
  • The student will present the parent note requesting the pass before the school day begins. 
  • The student will be issued a ―Pass by the Attendance Office after proper verification. 
  • This pass is presented to the classroom teacher by the student at the designated time. 
  • The student leaves class and checks out at the attendance office. 
  • The student presents a note excusing the absence to the attendance office, especially if the early dismissal was for a medical appointment, immediately upon return to campus. 
  • The student returns to the appropriate class.
5. Prior approval of the Dean of Students has been requested and granted for a parent-approved trip (family, special events, etc.), it is the student's responsibility to: 
  • complete and submit a “Request to Miss School” form (available in the Attendance Office.) 
  • prearrange the completion of missed class work with his teachers. 
  • return to school with the work completed, 
  • be ready to assume all class obligations, including tests. 
  • If prior approval has not been arranged, teachers are not obliged to provide or accept makeup work
  • “Proven unexcused absences” may not be excused by a parental note. 
6. TARDY POLICY: Students are considered TARDY when they are not in their assigned classrooms, ready to begin work when the bell rings. 
  • Students are expected to arrive on time for their classes, demonstrating respect for the teacher, other students, and the learning environment. 
  • At the first period of each day, all tardy students are to report to the office for an admit slip; an automatic detention will be issued.  Exception only for medical appointments.  Students must show proof of scheduled visit.
  • If a student is more than ten minutes late he/she is considered absent (Tardy/Absent) . 
  • A parental note does note clear this tardy or tardy/absence.
  • Students must serve their detention on Tuesday or Thursday at 8:00am in room 506 the same week they receive it.  
  • These tardy-absences also count toward student total absences each semester.
  • If students are tardy for any other class periods during the day, they are to report to the attendance office for a detention unless lateness is the result of a student activity or class related meeting. A note from teacher will be required in these incidents. 
7. CUT POLICY: If it has been determined that a student has cut:
  • Parent will be contacted. 
  • Community Service will be assigned
  • A Drug test could be required at the cost of the student/student's family. If required: It must take place on the day requested.
  • “Ditch” days are not supported by Cardinal Newman due to the risk and liability involved. Parents are asked to support this policy by not providing permission to students. 
8. Detention: Students are required to be on time to all detentions. Tardiness, could result in losing the opportunity to serve that day and possible escalation to the next level of consequence.

Course Credit/Excessive Absence

  • Students earn grades impacting graduation status based on both attendance and academic achievement in each course. 
  • Absences will not be ―excused for purposes of restoring a grade. 
  • An absence from an ―A schedule period will count as one absence. 
  • An absence of more than 10 minutes but less than 30 minutes from any block period will count as one absence. 
  • An absence of 30 minutes or more from any block period will count as two absences in that period. 
  • Students exceeding 10 absences in any given class during a semester will have their grade reduced by one letter grade per increment of 10.
  • Students who reach 5 within the first quarter will meet with the Dean to discuss.
  • Students with 7 will be asked to meet in an Attendance Review Board with their parents and the Dean if requested.
  • Consideration will be given for a student with serious, chronic, or infectious illness which requires a physician's care, supervision, and directed absence from school. 
  • Medical verification of such must be presented upon resuming attendance. 
  • All doctors' notes must be turned in within 3 days of medical absence. 
  • Grade reduction may be appealed in writing to the Administration no later than two weeks after grade records are made available at the conclusion of a semester. 

Campus Regulations

  • Any student having an off-campus appointment during the school day must present a written note from a parent OR phone call (prior to the 1st period of the day).  Students will receive an early release pass before leaving and must check-out in the attendance office before leaving and report to the office upon returning to school. 
  • If a student leaves campus without checking out properly has put themselves and Cardinal Newman at risk. This is considered a cut and absence is unexcused.  Consequences will be assigned by Dean of Students.

Change of Address

     If a family moves, it is very important that the school be notified immediately of the new address, any change in phone number (home and work) and updated e-mail address.
    Please call the school office as soon as you have the new information so that the mailing list may be updated. Emergency forms should also be kept updated.


  • Students becoming ill during the school day should report to the Attendance Office. Medication can be given only when properly informed in advance.
  • If there is a necessity to go home, the office will inform the parent, and the student will be released from school. 
  • If the student is not old enough to drive themselves, they will only be released to the parent/guardian listed on the emergency form or specifically designated after conversation with the parent/guardian. 
  • Students are not to leave the campus without first checking out with the Attendance Office. If a student fails to check out properly it may be considered a cut. 
  • Students who go home ill are required to present a parent/guardian or doctor's note regarding their absence upon returning to school. 
  • If the student goes to the doctor, please provide the doctor's note so it does not negatively affect their attendance.
College Visitations
  • Students are strongly encouraged not to miss school for the purpose of college visits due to the educational importance of class attendance.
  • There are many student holidays during the school year that allow families to visit without affecting attendance. Please consult the school calendar at www.cardinalnewman.org to find student holidays. 
  • A parent note is needed to verify the college visit. These missed days are counted in absence totals for the semester. 
School Activities/Athletics
  • Students need to attend a minimum of 2 block periods in order to attend any school-sponsored activity or athletic event on the day or evening of the absence. 
  • Students need to attend a minimum of 2 block periods on the last regular school day preceding a break in order to participate in weekend or holiday activities or athletic events.