Buying or Selling your Real Estate?

Cardinal Settlement Services has always been an independent title agent. Many settlement companies are financially connected to banks, attorneys, or real estate brokerages, with demands of various kinds which may run counter to your own real estate closing interests. You could be referred to one of these companies for reasons that offer you no benefit whatsoever, where your deal is considered ‘captured business.’

You should insist on choosing your own closing agent – it is your legal right – and we believe Cardinal Settlement Services is your best choice because:

  • All the title agents in our office have over 30 years’ experience – not combined experience – thirty or more years each.
  • We answer to no one but you. If you need special accommodation of any kind you need only ask. We can do your real estate closing in our office or yours, with flexible appointment times.
  • We examine title and resolve title issues in this office with our own staff. We do title examination first so that we can discover problems faster and make your closing experience smooth and timely.
  • Our costs remain competitive and we will furnish you a written quote in the form of a preliminary Settlement Statement upon request. Without an experienced independent closing representative you could pay $100s of dollars of unnecessary fees because your business is ‘captured’
  • Pricing structures and service packages will continue to change as consumer needs dictate, but our focus on the customer will remain fixed and firm!