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Increase Crop Yields with Propane-Powered Agricultural Equipment

Propane has dozens of agricultural uses. You'll find it at work in fields, vineyards and farm buildings, at planting and harvest
time and throughout the year.
  • lean-burning, economical propane heats barns and brooding houses, powers pumps and generators, and fuels trucks and other farm vehicles.
  • With propane appliances, farm families can also enjoy the many benefits of gas beyond the natural gas mains.
  • Propane gas flamers help increase per-acre yields by protecting crops from weeds and insect pests.
  • Flame weeding and pest-control is safer for the environment and costs less than chemical defoliants and pesticides.
  • Flame defoliation is not weather-dependent, and if done at the optimum time it controls every kind of weed and grass.
  • During unexpected cold snaps, propane heaters protect frost-sensitive crops in orchards and groves.
  • After the harvest, propane-powered drying systems help farmers sell crops such as tobacco that must meet market specifications for dryness. These systems are economical and easy to operate.