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Carbonhagen 2014

...was a two day symposium on graphene ,carbon nanotubes, and other two-dimensional nanomaterials (e.g. BN, MoS2) jointly organised by Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen and Århus University. The symposium will cover mechanical, electronic, chemical and optical properties, device fabrication, integration and applications.

This year... 

  • 5 year anniversary!
  • The number of participants is limited to 150, to keep the meeting small and personal. 
  • Again we offer a zero-fee registration alternative 
  • This year we will have a "breaking news" session for unpublished or recently published results 
  • A "Nordic Five Tech" session will highlight research results from Aalto, Chalmers, NTNU and KTH.
  • CBH2014 covers other 2D nanomaterials than graphene, i.e. MoS2 and BN, as well as structures derived from these, such as nanotubes. 
  • This year we also offer an intense 5-day Summer School (including CBH participation) focusing on the challenges in the field, lead by some of the best researchers in the field of 2D materials.

New Carbonhagen poster (print it!)


  • Abstract submission (posters): August 1
  • Abstract submission (talks): contact us
  • Registration: August 1
  • Application for C2D summerschool: June 1

Lundbeck Auditorium
University of Copenhagen
Ole Måløesvej 5, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.
(see map)

Contact us at

if you have questions or requests.


            Mauricio Terrones                 James Hone

       Invited speakers
Contributed speakers

Oral talks

  • Keynote speakers (50 min). 
  • Invited speakers (30 min). 
  • Contributed speakers (15 min)... contact us if interested: info@carbonhagen.com


Summer school

Summer School

Registration is closed.