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Daniel Engstrøm

posted 25 Oct 2010, 01:40 by Peter Bøggild   [ updated 25 Oct 2010, 02:06 by info admin ]

Vertically aligned CNT growth on microfabricated silicon heater with integrated temperature control

Optimisation of carbon nanotube growth is at best cumbersome and time consuming. Uncontrolled changes in the growth conditions from experiment to experiment, such as local flow and temperature variations make it difficult to draw conclusions as to the effect of growth parameters without a significant statistical basis. The use of MEMS microheaters is a novel method to reduce the thermal mass of the heater, to achieve a continuous temperature distribution and to grow carbon nanotubes [1] or nanowires [2] in a location that allow accurate and convenient inspection. In this study vertically aligned carbon nanotubes were grown along a temperature gradient on a silicon microheater in order to investigate the carbon nanotube activation energy. Through a four point measurement of the silicon conductivity in the heated region the temperature could be measured accurately during growth. Finite element simulations of the microheater was used to determine the temperature along the silicon heater and from the carbon nanotube growth rate as a function of temperature the growth activation energy was determined with great accuracy.

[1] Englander O, Christensen D and Lin L 2003 Applied Physics Letters 82 4797-4799
[2] Mølhave K, Wacaser B A, Petersen D H, Wagner J B, Samuelson L and Bøggild P 2008 Small 4 1741–1746

Daniel S. Engstrøm, DTU Nanotech, Tech. Univ. Denmark and Materials Department, Imperial College London, UK

After receiving his M.Sc. from the Technical University of Denmark Daniel S. Engstrøm carried out his PhD at DTU Nanotech and the University of Cambridge (2007-2010) before starting as a post doctoral research associate at Imperial College London. His researched has focused on growth studies and integration of carbon nanotubes and graphene in microsystems. Methods for wafer scale integration of carbon nanotubes on AFM tips for high aspectratio scans and high durability is one area of interest. He has also carried growth optimization of grapehen and vertically aligned single wall carbon nanotubes and has grown carbon nanotubes on microfabricated silicon heaters for investigations of carbon nanotube growth kinetics.