Join us at the Carbonhagen symposium on graphene and carbon nanotube science end technology, November 15-16, 2010 (download poster)

"Maximising the carbon footprint"

Carbon nanomaterials is an incredibly exciting, fast- growing area of nanotechnology,
with large potential implications for society. With Carbonhagen 2010 we want to
strengthen interaction and collaboration between researchers and students in the field,
and to address important questions regarding fundamental properties as well as practical
application of carbon nanomaterials ...and thereby maximise the carbon footprint!
Carbonhagen 2010 is a two day symposium on graphene and carbon nanotubes, jointly organised by the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen and Nano Connect Scandinavia. The symposium will cover fabrication, physical properties (electronic, chemical and optical properties), device integration and applications in two sessions, one at University of Copenhagen on Monday, November 15, and one at Technical University of Denmark on Tuesday, November 16.

The programme is now online.

The presentations will be a mix of 40 min invited talks and 20 min contributed talks, with ample time for discussion.
Monday evening concludes with an informal poster session and food, as well as nanoscale entertainment from the DTU Nanoshow.

Registration is now closed. If you missed it, try mailing us at