Q & A

Why should I join CARAF?
To continue and rekindle associations with former members of the C.A.R.
What are the membership qualifications?
Be a former member of the C.A.R.

How do I join CARAF?
Notify the secretary.  You may do online by clicking here.
How does CARAF differ from the Senior National Officers Club?
The CARAF is open to any former C.A.R. member, while the SNOC does not require prior C.A.R. membership but does require concurrent membership in the DAR, SAR, or S.R., and prior service on the C.A.R. National Board or Senior National Board of Management (National or Senior National Officers, State Presidents or Senior State Presidents).
I am a C.A.R. Senior or parent of a C.A.R but was never a C.A.R. member myself.  Can I join CARAF?
No. Prior membership of the C.A.R. qualifies one for membership in the CARAF.
Do I need to be a member of the DAR, SAR or S.R. to join CARAF?
I am curently a member of the C.A.R. but am over the age of 18. Can I join CARAF?
No. CARAF is for former members of the C.A.R.
How much are the CARAF dues?
There are no dues.  Donations may be sent to the treasurer.
When does CARAF meet?
CARAF meets annually in conjunction with the C.A.R. National Convention in April.

Can I wear the CARAF pin on my official C.A.R. ribbon?
No.  The only non-C.A.R. pin that may be worn on the C.A.R. ribbon is that of the Senior National Officers' Club.