Fred Newhart Middle School offers Language Immersion Programs in both Mandarin and Spanish for students who have completed the Language Immersion Program at the Elementary level. In the Language Immersion Programs, teachers train students to be multicultural citizens who are bi-literate and bilingual. These skills will help students succeed in our rapidly changing world. At Newhart Middle School, students are offered courses in the target language in 6th through 8th grade. 

Below are the courses offered in the target language:

Program Model
 Grade Course offered in Mandarin  Course offered in Spanish
 6History-Social Science and Mandarin Language ArtsScience, History Social-Social Science and Spanish language Arts
 7History Social Science and Mandarin Language Arts
History Social-Social Science and Spanish language Arts

Mandarin Language Arts

Spanish Language Arts


The science standards complement English/Language Arts and mathematics standards, enabling classroom instruction to reflect a clearer picture of the real world, where solving problems often requires skills and knowledge from multiple disciplines. Further, these standards are designed to benefit and engage all students, whether they currently lack access to a quality science education or already excel in science subjects. Click here for Spanish version.

History-Social Science 

Middle school Mandarin and Spanish Immersion History-Social Science courses are based on California HSS framework and HSS content standards.Content learning will focus on Early Civilization and Medieval and Early Modern Times. Students will continue to develop their target language proficiency through classroom discussion, project based learning and historical thinking, reading and writing. Immersion students will participate in district wide DBQ (Document Based Questions) assessment to assess their evidence based writing skills. 

California History Social Science Framework--Six Grade Ancient Civilization

California History Social Science Framework--7th Grade Medieval and Early Modern Times

California History Social Science Content Standards

Mandarin and Spanish Language Arts 

Mandarin and Spanish Language Arts classes in middle school will continue to help students develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will practice applying the target language in real-life communication, understand the culture they are learning and be able to compare to other cultures. Students will also have opportunities to incorporate technologies in language learning. Middle school language courses are based on Standards for Foreign Language Teaching and ACTFL proficiency guidelines. In 8th Grade, Mandarin students will take STAMP4S STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency to assess their Mandarin proficiency level.

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages--Language Proficiency Guidelines

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