The Project

    This international project is the continuation of the 'Eu Quero Nadar no Capibaribe. E Você?' project which cares for the Capibaribe river in Brazil.

The purpose

    Are concerned all the places that need to have its rivers preserved: the aim is to reach all the people worldwide who want to clean their rivers to be able to swim in them.

    This project will allow every participating organization to benefit from this international visibility to legitimate its local action.


    The intention is to realize a series of photos all around the world, in favor of the revitalization of the rivers that need cleanness and cares.

    The first step of this international project is for every local project to take their own photo in front of the river they want to swim in, on the model below:

How To Do

    Make sure the following items appear clearly on your photo:

    - The location of your photo: city, suburbs, countryside...
    - The river and its pollution
    - People dressed with swimming suits and towels, and boots or plastic bags on their feet (to denounce the pollution)
    - An item with your country's colours: flag, t-shirt...
    - A lot of creativity to make a funny photo!

    Technical Requirements:

    - Photo quality: 300 dpi (at least 2Mo file size)
    - Name of the river, the country, the region, and all the participants
    - Name of your organization and website link
    - Mailto:

Thanks for your contribution!