Teacher Websites

Teacher Websites 

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Upper School

Avery, Jennifer (Theater)
Bennett, Claire (Math Lab)
Bowen, Laura (Social Studies)
Camp, William (Instrumental Music)
Campbell, Mark (Social Studies)
Capps, Julie (Social Studies)
Chen, Kexin (Casey)
Fancy, Benedict (Film and Video Production)
Fancy, Emily (English)
Kanzinger, Bill (Technology)
Lambe, Teresa (English)
Miles, Eric (History)
Reid, Jan (Publications)
Rienks, Keni (Science)
Rojek, Lisa (Art)
Scuteri, Ani (Spanish)
Tarallo, Amy (Spanish)
Tarses, Mallory (English)
Xue, Lu (Mandarin)

Middle School

Avery, Jennifer (Theater Courses)

Ellison, Trisha (Spanish)

Ettefagh, Chrissy (Science)

Gergel, Nathan (Social Studies)

Gilbert, Paul (Social Studies)

Hamby, Amanda (English & Social Studies)

Johnson, Ginny (Math)

Kanzinger, Bill (Technology)

Kranchalk, Jay (Health, Fitness, and PE)

Mills, Becky (English)

Nobles, Brian (Spanish)

O'Connell, Lynn (Chorus)

Ragan, Katie (Math)

Scott, Rebecca (Science & Math)

Vanscoy, Maureen (English)

Wells, Rebecca (Science & Social Studies)

Xue, Lu (Mandarin)