John Holdridge, Volunteer and ELO Coordinator

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has."-Margaret Mead

Volunteer Information

We appreciate your interest in volunteering and look forward to working with you. Please read the information below regarding volunteer forms and new volunteer orientation sessions.

**All parent volunteers are required to complete sections 2 & 3 of the "Volunteer Information Form" EACH Year.  

**Section 4 only needs to be done once. 
**Parent forms can be completed by accessing them through the PowerSchool parent portal.

**All new volunteers are required to attend a Volunteer Orientation Session before being placed in schools. Please see the Orientation schedule below. 

Athletic team volunteers should contact 
Jeff Thoreck, Athletic Director, at (


Parents should complete forms electronically by accessing the "Volunteer Information Form" through their PowerSchool parent portal.
Community Member Forms

Volunteer Awareness Sessions

All new volunteers are required to attend a Volunteer Orientation Session. Orientation sessions last one hour and will be held in the Pond Cove/Middle School Cafeteria. Scheduled times are:
Tuesday 4/5 9:15-10:15  PC/MS Cafe
Friday     4/29  9:15-10:15  PC/MS Cafe
Wednesday 5/11 6:30-7:30 pm in the Community Center Conference Room **note the evening time and location change**
Wednesday 5/18  9:15-10:15  PC/MS Cafe

W 9/16     9:15-10:15am
F 9/25      9:15-10:15am
                                    W 9/30     6:00-7:00pm (note the evening time)
TU 10/6    9:15-10:15am
W 10/21    9:15-10:15am
W 11/4      9:15-10:15am
F 12/4       9:15-10:15am
W 1/6        9:15-10:15am
W 2/3        9:15-10:15am
W 3/2        9:15-10:15am

Please email me at to let me know what session you plan to attend. This is just so I have a general idea of numbers. Thanks! 






*LEGOS NEEDED: Pond Cove is installing a new Lego Wall and is in need of flat 10X10 "bases" to form the wall as well as assorted Lego bricks for building and containers for storage. Please contact Tom Charltray at if you can help. 

*GAMES FOR MENTORS: The high school mentoring program is looking for gently used games for mentor partnerships to play during their weekly meet ups. Please contact John Holdridge at if you can help.

We also need

*Games and Yarn. Looking for gently used games, specifically those that involve Math or logic. Some examples are: Mastermind, mancala, chess, Othello Rack-O. Also looking for yarn for the knitting club. Please contact teacher Kathy Walsh if you can meet this request.

* Old School Type Writers. Please contact John Holdridge at

* Tennis Balls. We always need used tennis balls for the legs of desks and chairs. Please contact John Holdridge at

If you have a question, please contact John Holdridge, Volunteer and ELO Coordinator