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Welcome to 7th grade!!!

I teach...

7th grade and 7/8 grade math:  Here are some things you'll need:

1.  A scientific calculator! TPlease make sure your name is on it - etching is best, but permanent marker is fine.  Please, please do this!!  Many  calculators go missing throughout the year!!


3.  A small (1" or so) three hole binder. This will be for homework, note-taking, etc. 
5. A teeny pencil sharpener since mine don't always work too well!

6.  Ear buds. You may want to listen to a Khan video or something like that.

For my homeroom - a box of tissues please!!

SOCIAL STUDIES!!  Here are some things you'll need for this class:

1.  A small three ring binder that you will use for handouts, notes, etc. in social studies.

2.  Pencils and/or pens (for 'old school' classwork requiring writing on paper)!  A couple of highlighters also!!

3.  Colored pencils for maps, etc., are great to have.

4.  Ear buds.  You can keep these in your laptop pocket.


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