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Honors Chemistry

Honors 10 Credits Grade 10

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Gr. 9 Physics

and teacher recommendation

This second step in the four year science sequence is similar

in content to CP Chemistry; however, the material is covered

with additional detail, extended applications and at a faster

pace. Strong math and organizational skills and an ability to

synthesize reading and laboratory experiences are assumed for

students electing this level. Honors Chemistry is appropriate

for students who intend to pursue science in college. This

course will have a single "double-lab" period for

the second semester.

 Mr. Worthley's Schedule 2017-2018
 Period  1st Semester 2nd Semester
 1  HChem  HChem
 2  HCHem  HChem
HChem Lab 
4  CP Biology  CP Biology
 5 Study Hall
 6      APES   Lab
 8 Department time Department time

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