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Spanish I 

Spanish I is an introductory course to the Spanish language and the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. The goal of the course is to lay a strong language foundation leading towards a level of proficiency that meets current graduation standards.  In addition to language skills, culture is an obvious point of emphasis as we encourage students to become respectful global citizens.

Spanish III

Spanish III is an introductory course that builds on the beginning language skills preparing students for advanced language study. While students will continue to increase their working vocabulary through thematic topics, they will also learn strategies to approach texts written in the language. Additionally, students will begin to express themselves more formally in writing and orally. Previous grammar topics will be studied in more depth and advanced structures will be introduced. The overall goal of this course is to strengthen reading, writing and speaking skills in preparation for further language learning.

Spanish IV

Spanish IV Conversation is an Honors-level language course that allows students to strengthen functional language skills at a higher level. Topics include the Hispanic presence in the United States, housing, helping out in our community, the environment, and plans for after graduation. Though developing speaking skills is the focus of this course, students will also be strengthening the other language skills: listening, reading, and writing.

Spanish V AP: Latin AmericanTopic

This advanced course is designed for those students who want to further their language proficiency. Using Latin America as a background, students will work on their ability to read, write, comprehend and speak Spanish through a variety of themes. These themes will include: Global Challenges, Science and Technology, Contemporary Life, Personal and Public Identities, Families and Communities, and Beauty and Aesthetics. The students will work with a variety of authentic audio and written texts to participate in interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communication in line with the AP exam for Spanish Language and Culture.

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3 Spanish 3 Spanish 3
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 6 Spanish 4 ConversationSpanish 4 Conversation
7 Spanish  1/Foundations Spanish 1/Foundations
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