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Courses I teach...

Physical Education I

This semester we will focus on a variety of lifetime skills and activities designed to develop and encourage cooperation, “team building” and mutual support.  You will have an opportunity to play non-traditional cooperative games and team problem solve with imaginative initiatives.  You will also be introduced to new experiences in a blend of team and individual sports skills that can be used throughout a lifetime of fitness and enjoyment.

Link to Course Syllabus Here

Physical Education II
This semester is everything you have been waiting for!  The cooperative work, communication, leadership skills needed in Physical 1 will be very important.  Physical Education 2 will be a mixture of Adventure, Fitness, Recreation and Sports.  You will have the opportunity to explore your fears and apply your strengths.  You will also update you CPR certification.  
Link to Course Syllabus Here


 Teacher Schedule
 Period  1st Semester 2nd Semester
 1  PE II  PE I
 2  PE I                                     PE I
 3 SH- Room 106
 SH- Room 102
 5  Freshman Academy  Freshman Academy
 6  PE I  PE I
 7   PE I
 8  PE I  PE II

US Holidays

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