"We take our jobs very seriously because the cargo we carry is very precious."

Bus Fleet & Drivers:

Bus 1:    Ms. Cooke
Bus 3:    Ms. O'Kelly
Bus 5:    Mr. Munson
Bus 6:   Mr. Dorn
Bus 7
:    Mr. Young
Bus 10: Mr. Abramson
Bus 12:  Mr. Whitcomb
Bus 14:  Mr. Madden
Bus 15: Mr. Brown
Van 1:  Mr. Lyons

Trip Drivers/Spare Route Drivers:  Joe Doane, Dee Lyons, Nate Maxwell, Rollie Moore, Creed Ray IV, Malcolm Weatherbie

Spare Buses:  2, 5, 8, 11

Transportation Supervisor/Scheduler:  Pat Fowler

Bus Routes to/from School:
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High School / Middle School

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Pond Cove Elementary School

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Grades 2-12 Late Bus Runs

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Kindergarten Visitation Day Bus Runs

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Bus Evacuation Procedure:

Rider Rules:

  • Be at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the listed time.
  • Go directly to a seat.  Remain seated and facing forward for the entire ride.
  • Talk quietly so the driver won't be distracted and allowed to safely maneuver the route.
  • If you need to talk with the driver, wait for the bus to stop, raise your hand, and call the driver's name
  • Keep head, hands, arms & feet to yourself and inside the bus.  Be polite and courteous to each other at all times.
  • No eating or drinking on the bus
  • Keep the aisles clear at all time
  • Listen to and follow directions of the bus driver who is in full charge of the bus especially in an emergency.
  • Never throw things on the bus or out the windows.  Never play with emergency exits.
  • Cross in front of the bus only at driver's signal
The rights of pupils to ride in a school bus are contingent upon his/her behavior and observance of rules.  It is the parents' responsibility to supervise their children until such times as the child boards the bus in the morning and resuming after the child is delivered to the assigned bus stop at the close of the school day.

Transportation Rules & Policies:

Bus Assignments - Students may ride only on the bus assigned to them by the Facilities & Transportation Department.  Students are to disembark at their assigned destination unless written permission is given by a parent and approved by the office to disembark at a different, designated stop.

Lost & Found - Lost & Found items will be kept on the Route Driver's buses for two weeks.  Once two weeks have passed, the items will be turned into the school's lost & found.  Items left on buses going on athletic and field trips, will be taken to the school office or the Community Services' Office.

For Use by School Personnel ONLY:

Transportation Request - Cape Elizabeth School Department

Bus Lift Operating Procedures:

Cape Facilities & Transportation,
Aug 27, 2019, 4:57 AM
Cape Facilities & Transportation,
Aug 27, 2019, 4:57 AM
Cape Facilities & Transportation,
Aug 27, 2019, 4:57 AM