General Expectations for All Facilities:
  1. The use and possession of tobacco, alcohol, and/or other drugs on grounds is prohibited.
  2. Respect for equipment and facility is expected at all times, including maximum capacity and intended space use.  Report all damage to the Facility & Transportation Office.  
  3. Groups shall be adequately and appropriately supervised by an adult(s) at all times and until all participants have departed the premises.  Report all accidents or injuries to the Facility & Transportation Office.
  4. Food and/or beverages are to be limited to specified areas and may require custodial coverage. 
  5. Clean-up is the responsibility of the renter/user.  The facility should look as good, or better than it looked when entered.  All trash should be deposited in the appropriate trash receptacles.  If custodial services are not part of the renter requests, the renter is responsible for removing the trash from the premises.
  6. Renters should make themselves aware of the appropriate means of emergency egress and make sure all in attendance are aware of it.
  7. Reservations must be submitted by a person at least 21 years of age who assumes responsibility for the appropriateness of activity, supervision and adherence to all policies.  Activities and spaces are limited to those specifically requested and approved. 
  8. Facility use for hours outside regular custodial shifts require the user to pay custodial fees and/or supervisor fees as determined by the Facility Policy Guidelines and assigning organization.  Groups/Organizations are required to obtain their own liability coverage for risks associated with said activity(ies) and must provide, upon application, a certificate of insurance (minimum of $400,000) naming the town of Cape Elizabeth as the additional insured as well as stating specific coverage for the intended activity/event. Community Services programming, Cape Elizabeth School ex-circular activities where the coach, staff, and/or faculty are paid directly through the Cape Elizabeth Business Office, and Town functions are exempted from this requirement.

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