Technology Staff

 Thomas Charltray  Technology Teacher (PCES)
 Amanda Kozaka  Library and Instructional Technology Specialist (CEMS)
 Jonathan Werner  Library and Instructional Technology Specialist (CEMS / CEHS)
 Carolyn Young  Library and Instructional Technology Specialist (CEHS)
 Jason Lund  Computer User Support Specialist
 Matthew Young  Network & Computer Systems Administrator
 Jack Duffy  Computer User Support Specialist
 Dean Zaharis Database Facilitator
 Noel Harroff  Technology Coordinator
 Wendy Derzawiec  Webmaster

The Technology Department services the technology needs of both the school and town staff in Cape Elizabeth.

Belief/Vision Statements: 

Technology supports and is a tool to assist with empowering students with the academic, personal and social knowledge and skills needed to build fulfilling and engaged lives.
  • COMMUNITY - Technology supports and is a vehicle for communication and collaboration between staff, students, parents and the global community.
  • ACADEMICS - Technology integrates into all curriculum areas K-12. Technology provides tools for collaboration and access to information in and out of the classroom.
  • PASSION - Technology professional development provides critical support needed for both students and staff in the lifelong journey of learning in an increasingly digital world.
  • ETHICS - Using technology ethically and responsibly (Digital Citizenship) needs to be modeled, integrated and included as an important concept throughout our K-12 curriculum.