Home 2016-17 (this year we're Grades 5 to 12 only)

2016-17 will kick off with a 
consolidated Grade 7-12 
VEX Robotics Lab.

Grades 7 & 8 introductory programs will culminate with our own Excellence and Tournament Champion Awards, just like official VEX!

The tables below summarize our 2016-17 Introductory Course offerings, as well as our follow-up Team opportunities.

To register for our introductory courses, click here.  (Link currently inactive.  Instead, email ethayer@capeelizabethschools.org if interested in intro programs.)

 Grade LevelIntroductory
 Gr 5-6
Basic Robot Mechanisms  
Coach Thayer

Tuesdays, 4:15 to 5:30 PM @ HS
Jan 31 to Mar 14 (6 sessions)
Optional add-on to April 11 (4 more sessions)

 Gr 7-8
Gr 7-8 Intro to VEX Robotics 
Coach Thayer

Tuesdays, 2:30 to 4:00 PM @ HS
Jan 31 to Mar 14 (6 sessions)
Optional add-on to April 11 (4 more sessions)

 Gr 9-12
Introduction to VEX Robotics
Semester Course (for 2.5 credits)
Coaches Waecker, 
Thayer, Jensen

Semester 2:  During the school day

Sign-up through 
HS Guidance Department

 Grade LevelFollow-up Teams
 (completion of pre-requisite required)
 Gr 5-6
Coach Abrahamsen 
(Sem 1 Friday 2:30 @ MS)

Student-Coaches Brucker and Price 
(Sem 1 Wed 4:15 @ HS)

Many rising Gr 5-6 students have qualified for this Team based on participation in introductory programs.
2017 schedule is currently being developed.

 Gr 7-8
MS Robotics Team 56
Coaches Thayer and Charltray
Tues, 2:30 to 3:55 pm (Thayer)
Wed, 2:30 to 3:55 pm (Charltray)

The team roster is established based on completion of a grade level introductory course and ability to meet two afternoons per week. 

Students work in pairs to build robots for the official international VEX competition [for 2016-17 the game is "Starstruck"].

Team meetings for 2016-17 began in Fall 2016. 

 Gr 9-12
Gr 9-12 Robotics Team 56
Coach Jones & Waecker

The team roster is established during June preseason meetings and is based on prior VEX competition experience and/or completion of 2.5-credit introductory course. 

Team meetings for 2016-17 began in Summer 2016. 

If you have any questions about program or its offerings for 2016-17, please email Robotics Program Coordinator Evan Thayer, ethayer@capeelizabethschools.org.

VEX EDR Team 56 Awards  
2015-16 (Nothing But Net)

56B, Tournament Champion, States (Hampden), Feb 2016
56C, Sportsmanship Award, States, (Hampden). Feb 2016

56C, Excellence Award, Cumberland, Jan 2016
56B, Tournament Champion, Cumberland, Jan 2016
56C, Tournament Champion, Cumberland, Jan 2016

56C, Excellence Award, Augusta, Dec 2015
56C, Sportsmanship Award, Augusta, Dec 2015

56C, Tournament Champion, Brewer, Nov 2015
56C, Design Award, Brewer, Nov 2015

56B, Tournament Finalist, Cape Elizabeth, Nov 2015
56B, Judges Award, Cape Elizabeth, Nov 2015 

Team 56B (Federico, Jasper, Haley, Mac) were crowned Tournament Champions along with their alliance partners Brewer Academy and Mid-Maine Technical Center at the 2016 Maine State VEX Championship in February 2016.

Team 56C (Nate, Joey, Pat) competed in five VEX tournaments during the 2015-16 season's "Nothing But Net" Game, earning 7 trophies.

Team 56B (Fed, Haley, Jasper) at their pit table during the 2015 VEX World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky, in April 2015. 

 Team 56A (Anthony and Luke) competed in the VEX World Championship for five years in a row from 2009 to 2013. Here, Anthony and Luke visit with
 Nobel Prize winning physicist Dr. Douglas D. Osheroff at the 2012 World Championship in Anaheim, California.  Team number 56A was retired in 2014.

Cape Elizabeth VEX EDR Robots, and those from other schools and teams, line up in advance of Alliance Selection for the Elimination Rounds during the November 2014 Southern Maine VEX Tournament in Cape Elizabeth.