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The SEARCH Club meets after school and brief before-school meetings each week.  

The purpose of the club is to explore environmental issues, learn, and have fun!

We have two underlying and ongoing projects we work on:

1) Long-term Farmington River study.  We bi-annually visit 5 different sites on the Farmington River from Canton to Collinsville and collect data on water quality.  Some of the key points of data collection include temperature, dissolved oxygen & carbon dioxide, nitrates, iron, pH, flow rate, etc.  This important work helps us understand our local watershed and the health of our river system.  

2) Participate in the National Ocean Science Bowl.  We spend time preparing our members to be ready to represent CHS at the annual regional NOSB meet at UCONN Avery Point in Groton, CT, where we compete against other high schools from RI and CT.  Check out the linksfor more information!

Study Resources for NOSB: 

Quizlet NOSB Search with links:

Quizlet on Ocean Currents-

Chapter by Chapter Tutorial on Oceans & Marine Sciences

Oceans & Climate

Ocean Resources

Interactive to study world oceans, lakes, and seas

Marine Classification

3) Work to encourage the staff/students/and community to be thoughtful about their impacts on the environment.... Earth Day is every day!