Technology use at Cherry Brook Primary School and Canton Intermediate School exists to support and encourage children to reach their academic and personal potential. As a learning tool, technology can allow students to manage, understand, manipulate and present information in ways unimagined in previous generations. By using it, children can problem solve, research, connect, analyze, and absorb information.

In an increasingly interconnected and information-rich world, our children will need to be skilled users of this information and be able to manage the increasingly complex demands of a technological future. The degree to which we give our students the skills to participate fully and successfully in the Information Age will determine to a large degree the success of our students and, consequently, our success as a learning institution.

The Cherry Brook School and Canton Intermediate School technology programs recognize computer fluency is best achieved through regular use. Students are exposed to Chromebooks and iPads in Kindergarten and continue regular and increasingly complex use through the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades. Cherry Brook and Canton Intermediate have integrated a wide variety of powerful computer applications into the curriculum, including Google Workspace, STEM Applications, Web Tools, Video and Coding Programs. These programs are not educational ends, but are tools used to enhance and support teacher instruction, student learning, and the school's curriculum.