Stop, Drop, and CODE!

The Hour of Code is an extension of a global initiative called Computer Science Education Week, December 7-11.  In this, we are seeking to provide all students with an introduction to the skills and abilities which are used to create the devices and media we work with each day.  Through the Hour of Code, we hope to make students aware that:
  1. computer science and programming is not scary
  2. it is something they CAN do, and
  3. it is something which is fun, creative, and can lead to an excellent career as well as further development as a digital citizen. 
We are excited for you to join Canton Public Schools in this year's Hour of Code!

We invite you to choose the activity below based on your experience level with programming and coding.  Coding Crawlers is excellent for those with no programming experience.  Coding Walkers works well for those with some experience and introduces the user to programming with Minecraft!  Coding Runners is a more advanced type of coding, using Java Script, and is based on the theme of the new Star Wars.  Finally, Coding Flyers provides a chance to work through multiple programming languages at a deeper level.  Each activity will lead you through your work to complete the Hour of Code challenge.

Beyond the Hour of Code, a section below, provides additional options for you to continue your work and learning in programming.

So, STOP, DROP, and CODE!!!