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Help build the University of Cambridge community in Northern California by volunteering. 

If a role isn't listed and you'd like to help just let the president know. 

Here are some of the roles we need to fill:

Treasurer (Filled)

  • manages the finances 
  • manages an online payment method - PayPal is recommended 
  • creates annual financial reports 
  • watches the bank account for any discrepancies, bank errors or bad transactions 
  • collects money for paid events 
  • disburses funds 
  • has main signing authority on the account - for large amounts a 2nd signature from the club president is recommended 
  • the treasurer may also be responsible for filing reports and tax forms to the IRS


  • Takes minutes of meetings
  • Sends thank you letters to speakers, supporters, etc.

Mailing List Manager

  • works with the official alumni mailing list, encouraging members to submit change of address information 
  • may choose to build a local mailing list as a Yahoo! Group or Google Group or MailChimp or Constant Contact 
  • keeps the mailing list up-to-date, deleting bad addresses and adding new members 
  • manages and promotes the mailing list policies - for example, the policy might be not to advertise to members email addresses, but the mailing list may be shared with a central alumni group like Cambridge in America or with another university for promoting joint events (e.g. a Boat Race Dinner). Note this relies on local laws, not UK Data Privacy laws, so member's email addresses may be collected at events and kept separate from the addresses held by the official alumni group. 
  • notifies members when they have signed up and when they have been removed from the list - this is usually done with an automatic reply to a "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" email. 
  • track statistics on the mailing list for reporting at committee meetings, for example number of signups, number of members, geolocation


  • Builds and maintains a website.
  • Registers and keeps current domain name and hosting service.
  • Puts privacy policy, copyright and disclaimers on website.

Graphic Designer (the webmaster may perform this role)

  • Create a style and art for the website.
  • Create brochures.
  • Create signage for events.

Social Media Manager

  • Tweets before, during and after events 
  • Contributes to Facebook page of alumni organizations, e.g. Cambridge in America page 
  • Contributes to Cambridge LinkedIn discussions and pages to inform members of and report on local chapter events 
  • May want to set up local Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other accounts 
  • Promotes events on social media

Social Manager

  • Checks out venues for events, may arrange tours 
  • Arranges details of events at restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, etc. 
  • Works out menus for dinners

Outdoor Event Social Manager

  • Leads hikes/bikes/boat trips, etc. 
  • Has liability forms for participants to sign 
  • Works with volunteers who may want to lead one-off events

Speaker Manager

  • Works with committee members to select speakers for events 
  • Manages logistics for speaker events 
  • Works with speakers on requirements - projector, audio-visual, Internet access, hotels, airport pickups, transportation, meals, select interviews, etc.


  • Takes photographs of events and works with Webmaster to publish them 
  • Decides on policy for taking photos of members 
  • Creates notice that photographs taken will be public, unless there are objections, or any similar required notices for special events 
  • Decides on copyright, copyleft policy for photographs


  • Takes videos of events 
  • Edits videos 
  • Develops policies for videos, copyright and privacy 
  • Promotes videos

Audio-visual Expert

  • Handles A/V equipment, microphones, screen, projector, sound system etc. at an event

Event Registrar and Badge Printer

  • Manages event registration, sending money to the Treasurer's bank account 
  • Prints badges before event


  • For events like barbecues and picnics helps buy food, prepare it 
  • Organizes teams of helpers for self-catered events

Regional Coordinators

  • Hold small local events with agreement of other committee members 
  • Arrange dinner parties for local areas 
  • For the Bay Area, typical regions might be San Francisco, East Bay, Marin and North, Peninsula, San Jose, Santa Cruz and South, Davis/Central Valley 
  • Contribute by suggesting events and venues to local members (e.g. Santa Cruz Shakespeare)