Who I am

‹I am CEO of Australia Zhongfu Oil Gas Resources Pty Ltd. My parents set up the company. 

I have stopped exploring shale oil gas in Canning Basin EP 465, Kimberley, Northern Western Australia. I am working on robot, laser and ultrasonic to extract the energy from oil gas without damaging and polluting the water, air and soil. Kimberley is so beautiful I don't want to ruin it. 

Oil Gas, Mining, Solar, Wave, Nuclear all are container of cosmos energy. We only want to apply the energy into our daily life not to damage our universe.

I am also setting up concentrated solar power, wave power in Kimberley and build underocean ultra high voltage DC transmission line from Northern Western Australia to South East Asia, Japan, China and India. I am helping Mr Boyd Milligan to set up research centre, alliance and university to turn Australia into renewable energy hub and make planetary renewable energy hub. 

I am setting up own venture capital to invest in sustainability with Mr Phillip Kemp,
Chairman at Business Innovation and Incubation Australia. It is an education process. We care about how innovation can truly change the world. Not short term money. We inspire people to go through inner journey, understand their true intention and make dream become reality. We are helping Bombora Wave to get capital and build pilot program.