Dog walks in the East Bay

Canine Adventure offers offleash, adventure walks for your pet. 
Adventure walks mean that and more.  On the adventure walks, Steve takes your kids to many East Bay Regional Parks, such Las Trampas, Redwood Park, Contra Loma, Briones and many more.
On special outing days, particularly when the East Bay sun shines just a bit too bright, Steve will take your dogs to Fort Funston dog park in San Francisco for a day of fun at the beach!
Dog walking, hiking and swimming, along with your dog's health and happiness are what it is all about.  If you would love to take your dog yourself, but cannot seem to find the time, let Steve and Canine Adventure take them for you.

For Walks of a lifetime...

You know your dog best, but Canine Adventure will do an assessment of your dog to ensure that your dog is ready for the fun.

Remember, our common goal is to have your dog romping off leash in the hills and having loads of fun! 

We have free pick up and drop off in the Lamorinda area.  We also have dogs that join us from Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill.