Extra Help Before School
7:00 - 7:28 AM Daily

Extra help is available before school each morning from 7:00 - 7:28 AM in Room 208.  This opportunity is extended to students currently in Mr. Hamilton's classes.  This additional resource is offered to help students; however, it is not a substitute for attending or being attentive in class.

Guidelines for Extra Help

  • Format for Help

    • Students will work problems on the board, either from assignments or created on the spot.

    • Mr. Hamilton will watch and provide suggestions as needed.

    • Mr. Hamilton will not "re-teach" lessons before school.

    • Generally speaking, Mr. Hamilton will NOT demonstrate how to solve problems during this time.
      Other resources are available for this purpose (completed notes, videos, homework keys, etc.)

  • Expectations of Students BEFORE Attending

    • Look over your notes.  Attempt some of those problems again.  
      (Repetition of the same problems helps!)

    • Watch any supplemental videos Mr. Hamilton posts.

    • Attempt the homework - honestly.  If you get stuck, consult the KEY provided online.

    • Have specific questions or examples ready.

  • Extra Help Begins at 7:00 AM

    • It will not begin earlier.

    • If you arrive early, wait patiently until 7:00 AM.

  • Extra Help is Only Available BEFORE School

    • It is not available during "PrimeTime".

    • It is not available during your Study Hall / Lunch period.

    • It is not available after school.

  • Extra Help is Beneficial!
    • It reinforces skills and provides extra practice.

    • Friends are encouraged to attend together!

  • Caution!!

    • Generally speaking, the day of a quiz or test is not ideal for extra help before school.

    • Like anything, you will only benefit from this if you really care about it.

Cancellations / Modifications to Extra Help
If the need arises, any changes will be announced via a combination of the following mechanisms:
  • During class  (if known ahead of time).

  • On the course webpage.

  • Via the course "Remind" notifications.