Miss O'Hara - Candor High School

The Junior High and Senior High Chorus singing the Candor Alma Mater at the 2015 Pep Rally!!

"Singing should not be the purview of a few elites. Through history it has been from all people for all people, until now. Recorded music eroded people's desire to sing daily. Western culture, worshiping excellence, decided only a select few belong on stage and the rest of us should hush up. American Idol and the like ridiculed those who don't sing well (but only after building up their hopes by producers behind the scenes). The result is that most people have been shamed into silence.

We are animals, and like birds and whales and crickets we are not meant to simply passively experience song. The cost of sublimation and silence is too great: unhappiness, disconnection from others.

We must sing. We must change our culture and celebrate singing at all levels. The time is now."

- Deke Sharon (Pitch Perfect, The Sing-Off, CASA, and "Godfather" of Contemporary A cappella)

Amelia O'Hara
Candor High School
Vocal and General Music
(607) 659-5020