Enjoying the view while hiking near Niagara Falls.


An Attitude of Excellence!
Travel with us as we explore what it means to have an attitude of excellence in our academics, our behavior, our classroom and our school.

Class List

Members of Room 37
We said good-bye to Daniel last week.  We all wish him luck in his new home and school.

Mya C.
Tyler D.
Lucy E.
Keanna F.
Brennon F.
Kody F.
Kolbie G.
Carson H
Kamdyn H.
Haley H.
Kaydee J.
Hannah M.
Hunter S.
Bradlee T.
Christopher W.


Daily Specials at 10:35 everyday.
Day 1:    P.E.
Day 2:    L.M.C.
Day 3:    P.E.
Day 4:    Music
Day 5:    P.E.
Day 6:    Art
Day 6:    Music @ 12:55
Don't forget your sneakers on P.E. days
Don't forget your library books on L.M.C. days 

Important Dates

  • Weekly reading assignment due 3/24
  • Daily ELA Review for NYS Exam 3/17-3/24
  • Tri-Cities Opera performance 3/23
  • Mid-unit Colonial assessment 3/24 or 3/27
  • NYS ELA exam 3/28 - 3/30
  • College Day 3/31
  • Book Report due 3/31
  • Early Release 4/5

District Outcomes

Students at Candor are working towards being:
  • Collaborative Workers
  • Complex Thinkers
  • Effective Communicators
  • Effective Producers
  • Self Directed Learners

The Finger Lakes Pipes and Drums

What's New

The NYS ELA (English, Language Arts) Assessment is next week.  Please help ensure your child's success by making sure they have good nights' sleep each night and a good breakfast every day.
  • Continue Colonial US unit 
    • Making inferences based on pictures
    • Making inferences based on primary sources
    • Connecting two sources to write about a topic
    • Mid-unit assessment
  • English/Spelling
    • Irregular past tense verbs
    • Organizing paragraphs
  • Research:  
    • Finish note-taking
    • Begin typing rough drafts
  •  Geometry Unit
    • Measuring angles
    • Finding unknown angles in a diagram
    • Classifying triangles by the length of their sides
    • Classifying triangles by their angle measurements
    • Classifying quadrilaterals
  • Properties of matter
  • Phases or states of matter (solid, liquid or gas)
  • Measuring properties of matter:
    • Linear measurement (inches, centimeters) with a ruler
    • Measuring Mass (grams) with a balance scale
    • Measuring Volume (cc or ml) using rulers or graduated cylinders
  • Density

   My husband and I on our trip to Alaska in 2014.