Enjoying the view while hiking near Niagara Falls.


An Attitude of Excellence!
Travel with us as we explore what it means to have an attitude of excellence in our academics, our behavior, our classroom and our school.

Class List

Members of Room 37

Mya C.
Tyler D.
Lucy E.
Keanna F.
Brennon F.
Kody F.
Kolbie G.
Brittanie H.
Carson H.
Kamdyn H.
Haley H.
Kaydee J.
Hannah M.
Hunter S.
Bradlee T.
Christopher W.


Daily Specials at 10:35 everyday.
Day 1:    P.E.
Day 2:    L.M.C.
Day 3:    P.E.
Day 4:    Music
Day 5:    P.E.
Day 6:    Art
Day 6:    Music @ 12:55
Don't forget your sneakers on P.E. days
Don't forget your library books on L.M.C. days 

Important Dates

  • Weekly reading assignment: 4/7
  • Report Cards 4/13
  • Superintendent's Day 4/14
  • Spring Break 4/17 - 4/21
  • NYS Math test 5/2 - 5/4

District Outcomes

Students at Candor are working towards being:
  • Collaborative Workers
  • Complex Thinkers
  • Effective Communicators
  • Effective Producers
  • Self Directed Learners

The Finger Lakes Pipes and Drums

What's New

The NYS Math assessment will be administered the second week after we return from break.  Please help your child to do their very best by making sure they get a good night's rest each night and by ensuring they eat a good breakfast each morning.  

  • Continue Colonial US unit 
    • Learning about the various trades practiced during Colonial times
    • Researching one trade to present as a slide show over the next two weeks
  • English/Spelling
    • Homophones of pronouns its, your, their, and theirs
  • Research:  
    • Finish typing rough drafts
    • Begin physical projects
  • Fractions Unit
    • Making equivalent fractions
      • using tape diagrams
      • using polygons
      • using multiplication
      • using area models
Social Studies:
  • The growth of New York and the US after the Revolutionary War
  • The writing of the US Constitution

   My husband and I on our trip to Alaska in 2014.