Enjoying the view while hiking near Niagara Falls.


An Attitude of Excellence!
Travel with us as we explore what it means to have an attitude of excellence in our academics, our behavior, our classroom and our school.

Class List

Members of Room 37

Mya C.
Tyler D.
Lucy E.
Keanna F.
Brennon F.
Kody F.
Kolbie G.
Brittanie H.
Carson H.
Kamdyn H.
Haley H.
Kaydee J.

Leilani L.
Hannah M.
Hunter S.
Bradlee T.
Christopher W.

We welcomed Leilani to our class last week. 


Daily Specials at 10:35 everyday.
Day 1:    P.E.
Day 2:    L.M.C.
Day 3:    P.E.
Day 4:    Music
Day 5:    P.E.
Day 6:    Art
Day 6:    Music @ 12:55
Don't forget your sneakers on P.E. days
Don't forget your library books on L.M.C. days 

Important Dates

  • Weekly reading assignment: 6/2
  • Book Report due: 5/31
  • Science test on Forces and Motion: 6/1
  • NYS Science performance test: 5/31
  • NYS Science written test: 6/5
  • 4th Grade Parent Museum: 6/13 at 6 pm
  • Field Day: 6/15

District Outcomes

Students at Candor are working towards being:
  • Collaborative Workers
  • Complex Thinkers
  • Effective Communicators
  • Effective Producers
  • Self Directed Learners

The Finger Lakes Pipes and Drums

What's New

New York State Science Test:
  • Performance assessment - Wednesday, 5/31
  • Written assessment - Monday, 6/5
Several final assessment are planned in the next two weeks. We've already done a final Spelling test and the Computerized Math assessment. We'll do our final SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) this week. Also still to be scheduled are our final class written Reading and Math exams.

  • Research:  
    • Note-taking for final research projects
    • Begin typing final research reports
  • English/Spelling
    • Practice revising  writing
    • Recognizing and fixing sentence fragments
  • Understanding and working with fractions greater than one
  • Mixed numbers - comparing and understanding
  • Adding and subtracting mixed numbers
  • Begin unit on forces and motion
    • Forces
    • Friction
    • Test on Wednesday

   My husband and I on our trip to Alaska in 2014.