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Ms. Kovalovsky

Welcome to Fifth Grade! 
I am so excited to be the new 5th grade science and social studies teacher! I plan to alternate subjects every couple weeks. This year our social studies topics will range from the early Americas to the Civil War. Each unit incorporates hands-on activities and projects to help students best understand the events of that time. Science topics include ecology, geology, astronomy, and chemistry. We are very lucky to have different science equipment that will make these units engaging!
Book Orders
You will be receiving book orders from 2 to 3 different book orders each month. Students may order but are not required to. You do not have to send separate checks if you order from more than one flyer. After you total your orders, write one check to Scholastic Reading Club. You may also order on-line with a credit card using the activation code: H8X9T.
Homework will vary throughout the year. Most of the time, students will only have have assignments at home if they have not completed the classwork during the day.
Your child will be given an agenda in which to write down assignments. We will have time to do this at the end of each day and will be checking to see that each student does so. Please check your child's agenda to see what he/she owes. You will also be able to look on our blog to view topics covered and assignments given in fifth grade each week.
Tests and Projects
Students will be required to get a signature on any test or project completed and return it to me the following day. This will help keep parents updated on their child's progress. 
We began the blog and websites in order to keep in better communication with parents. This year, the 5th grade is going to be using the Reminder app to share pictures and keep parents updated with any information and reminders. Information on how this app works will be sent out the first week of school. If you find that you need to get a hold of me for any reason you may contact me at lkovalovsky@candorcs.org or you may call the school at 659-3935.

It's going to be a great year!

Daily Schedule

8:45 - 9:10 Morning Work & Announcements
9:10 - 9:50 Intervention
9:55 - 10:30 Specials
10:30 - 10:40 Snack and Read Aloud
10:40 - 11:40 Math
11:40 - 12:40 ELA
12:50 - 1:20 Lunch
1:20 - 2:20 Science and/or Social Studies
2:20 -2:50 Recess
2:50 - 3:15 Agenda check, Wrap-up, Dismissal
We will have PE on odd days with Mr. Nicholas. 
Day 2 is our LMC day.
Art is on day 4 and in the afternoon on day 5 when we
will be missing recess on this day. 
Our schedule is very packed as you can see!