7th and 8th Grade Art

2018-2019 School Year

WELCOME to the Baker Prairie Middle School Art Room!  Anytime if you have questions or concerns, want to donate to the art program or would like to volunteer to assist in hanging artwork please do not hesitate to contact me at:  andersh1@canby.k12.or.us. 

 This Semester Students will be exposed to many different art styles and mediums.  We will explore post Renaissance art through Modern Art.  We will focus on the Studio Habits of Mind and the Principles of design.   

Visit our BLOG to find out more about our project work.

- Mrs. Anderson

Characteristics for Success in the ART ROOM:
  • creative problem solving skills
  • good listening and discussion skills
  • sense of exploration and innovation
  • willingness to put effort and time into your work
As we actively engage in the art making process. I will encourage students to discuss and respond to artworks created by themselves, their peers and professionals.